Poll for your favorite type of male lead.

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There was some discussion on Discord about people’s favorite leads in my stories. I would love to get your opinion on your favorite male main characters. Vote and let me know!  

Vote for your ONE favorite type of character. 

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Chose your favorite kind of male lead.
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  1. Rawls

    I really appreciate all the feedback in these comments. It’s great to see these sorts of discussions, and it gives me lots to think about.

  2. Craig23

    A little pushback on this poll – the good guy will always be my favorite lead character, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one I would enjoy. I might love a story of a guy who’s absolutely depraved, or slowly corrupted by power, if it’s within a good story. Asking what our favorite is won’t necessarily give you good data on the stories we’d enjoy.

  3. Old-school Perv

    So far Nick has been my favorite male lead, and Enki’s Puzzle my favorite story. Slow burn is my favorite style in these stories like the chapter in PM with principal Haskins. Nothing better than the reluctant whore character eventually giving into their obsession and succumbing to depravity.

    My only regret is every woman eventually looking like some version of The Venus of Willendorf. I would definitely enjoy some of the women retaining a tight athletic build, something akin to Kenzie Reeves if you are familiar at all with porn.

    All said and done, the writing is great and I’m thoroughly enjoying the stories.

    1. Blueflyte

      Venus of Willendorf, lol. I’ve got nothing against big tits, but agree that the horn of plenty flows a bit too freely sometimes. I think the illustration of Alyson in chapter 10 of Enki’s Puzzle is perfectly proportioned in the ta-tas department. I do get a kick out of the lactation bit tho, that’s fun and sexy stuff. Let’s not throw that baby out with the big boob water!

      1. Old-school Perv

        I think Tender is the best artist RR has ever partnered with. Actually seems to base the illustrations off of the text, as opposed to some of the other artists that just start all the women with fucking zeppelins (oh the humanity) on their chests and have nowhere to go from there. I hope the collaboration continues.

    2. bostant

      why kenzie reeves when you can have ava addams 🙂

  4. randomuser1223

    This may sound odd: a good guy struggling to stay good, but slipping. Incomplete corruption, I guess you could say? Loss of innocence, but not loss of goodness. Kinda a tight line to tread, I’m aware, but the tension often makes for good character drama. I’m guessing this is similar to the good guy option, but I haven’t read TWT yet.

  5. np_phreak

    For me I don’t really care between these choices, all I really care about is the kind of wrongness they get into with the moral and taboo breaking. If written well I’ll take it from the pov of someone good, bad, or indifferent.

    1. Rawls

      I’ll try and write it well! And you know there will be lots of taboo breaking ?

  6. 7Myxzptlk

    I like the bad guy made good AS WELL AS the good guy from the start. I like character development and genuine romantic connections.

  7. Blueflyte

    To me a character like Roy is a fun element in the story, but only as a spice, not the main ingredient. He’s more of a foil to the nicer, kinder, but still sex-crazed MC we identify with, who would be a little too much without that contrast. Thanks for the great stories, really loving the latest twists in Enki-ville!

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback, that’s helpful.

      1. CeeBee42

        Question for you, Rawly, where does Sam from TDS fit on this list for you?

        1. Rawls

          Sam is in the good guy turned bad camp, I think. He is more similar to Jacob.

  8. waltdee

    I’d like to see more like The Talk, but maybe with the lead not being such a misogynistic asshole to his Mom, but still stealing her away from his Dad.

  9. shadowolf660

    I’d like to see so cunning from a male protagonist

  10. DoesNotMatter

    Tough call between the first two options on this poll.