Poll on what to do after Enki’s Puzzle ends. POLL CLOSED.

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I closed the poll early. After thinking about the comments and what I would like to do going forward, I decided to forgo the poll. I now know what I want to do. I’m going to go with option 2. That way I can keep the thread of the main novel week to week, and I’ll continue to write one or two short chapters a week for variety. Sorry to answer my own question, but I think this will be best for my writing process. 


Enki’s Puzzle will come to a conclusion sometime in the next couple months. I’m thinking about how to organize my weekly writing schedule when that happens. Based on a suggestion from Discord, I am going to offer three options. I’ll try to make this as simple as possible, but if you have any questions, I’ll respond to comments below. 

Option 1. No change option. I would start a new main novel in place of Enki and continue with the current schedule. That would give you one main novel chapter a week, alternating every two weeks. I would write short chapters when the previous illustrated chapters are complete.

 Option 2. I would only work on one main novel at a time, with a new chapter every week. For example, you would have a new chapter of Palmer Legacy every Friday. I would write short chapters when the previous illustrated chapters are complete.

Option 3. I would work on one main novel at a time, alternating two weeks on and two weeks off. In the “off” weeks, I would work on writing the short stories. If we went with this option, instead of a new novel in Enki’s place, I would write two chapters from a short story on those weeks. This method would see me complete the short stories much faster than the current method, with the text getting out ahead of the illustrations. 

TL/DR … Option 1, everything stays the same. Option two, mostly the same but only one main novel with a new chapter every week. Option 3, lots more text from the short stories, only one main novel. Poll expires in one week: 3/13/22,

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Should I change my release schedule after Enki?
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  1. Lobria

    I like that you closed it and decided to go with your own gut and not what we thought. Only you can decide what’s best for you. I’m curious what made you make the poll in the first place. Regardless I’m glad you decided to go with your own decision. Take care Rawls and keep up the good work.

    1. Rawls

      I thought the idea of having weeks where I only write illustrated shorts was interesting. But, I think there was only one option that would work best for me. So, I called it.

  2. GTJake

    I feel like it would be easier as a writer to inhabit the world of one novel at a time. Really though, I agree with most of the other comments here. Do what works best for your creative process and work/life balance.

    1. Rawls

      It would be easier for me to write one main novel at a time. But people seem to like having two going, and I can make it work.

  3. PuyBo

    I think do what keeps it most interesting for you and keeps you creative

    1. Dannny

      I agree with this post. Your comfort level directly impacts the product. Do what makes you feel most productive/creative. Thank you for the great stories.

  4. F69PD

    Which option would get me more of Enchanted Scepter?

    1. Rawls

      The text for that would written quicker in option 3, but there wouldn’t more of it in the long-run.

  5. DarkArthas

    I don’t think you should be doing a poll for this. I know you want to have your readers involved, and a way to give back to them, but you should be doing what is best for you. Personally, I think you have been jumping through hoops long enough, and it’s time for a change.

  6. DM1485

    I’m not going to vote on this one either. This is your business, and only you can decide how much time you want to devote to work.. My main concerns are burnout, lack of free time for personal affairs, and performance pressure….which can contribute to burnout.

    I would say YOU tell US how it’s going to be. It’s your life, not ours.

    1. Rawls

      All three options will be the same amount of work for me. The only different is what I’ll be writing, not how much.

  7. Anders

    Nick scipio allowed other writers too contribute with short stories, so he could focus on his primary story.
    Soo many great writers have gone with the passing of time, one can hope you’re in for the long run.

  8. Evil Modder

    Do what feels right for you; you are the only one that knows what you feel like doing each week. 🙂