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NGTVisualstudio and I have decided to end our collaborations. My Mother’s Secret Identity and The Talk (The Sex Talk) will go back to the drawing board and get rebooted eventually.

I’m going to remove both those stories from the illustrated catalogue, so if you want a copy for posterity, download them soon.

The reasons for the split had to do with delays and creative differences. I am disappointed, but look forward to seeing what a new artist will do with those stories.

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  1. JTass

    Hey Rawly – FYI apparently one of NGT’s subscribers was told that they would continue publishing The Talk through Chapter 16.
    (Note: this is second-hand info, so it might not be accurate)

    1. Rawls

      Thank you for the heads up. I told him he could finish it if he wanted to.

  2. waltdee

    For The Talk or The Sex Talk be sure that the artist you commission draws the mother and son as Asian, like in the story. The previous artist drew her a little too Anglo for the story.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, this was a problem that will be corrected in the reboot.

  3. Zack.flux

    Honestly not sad to see them go. Really looking forward to a revamp of The Talk.

  4. PuyBo

    Honestly they had the laziest illustrations imo

    1. viajero

      I agree, several pages with the same drawings, just lazy

  5. Uberlad654

    Sad to hear, but glad it was done somewhat smoothly. Hopefully these stories can be rebooted in the future!

  6. Lobria

    I understand Rawls. You do what you have to do. I look forward to the rebooted versions. Talk to ya later Rawls. Keep it up Rawls.