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A message from JDseal and RawlyRawls:
Since we embarked on illustrating The Haunting of Palmer Mansion, a lot has changed. New sites, new formats for projects, and new stories. In order for JDseal to better pursue an exciting, immersive approach, we have agreed to end our collaboration on Palmer Mansion. There will be no more chapters of that novel illustrated by JDseal, but he has given his blessing for RawlyRawls to find a new artist for a reboot.
In the future, we plan on collaborating in a different format: think more comic book and less novel. Until then, we remain friends, and we’re cheering for each other’s success.

JDseal and RawlyRawls

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  1. Simon S.

    I’m a big fan of comics, graphic novels and manga. You folks did good work together. I’m glad there can be future projects going forward. And THoPM is fantastic as a story!!!

  2. Lobria

    For some reason I kinda saw this happening. The last chapter was far from perfect, I forgot her name but the mother character her face looked off and not enough sex scenes. Compared to the last chapters were the art was super on point. I’m a bit sad but I know it wasn’t easy for either of you. JD want’s to do his own thing and be inspired again. I don’t blame you or anyone and you don’t deserve the thumbs down on this post. I acted like a jerk with the Betty Reboot and I won’t act that way here. I do wish that JD would take time away from this and finish it but his ideas are elsewhere. I know you will find the best artist possible. Just to bad I loved the series. I love your writing and will stick by you and will stick by JD for awhile. Depending if he can keep his quality consist. Take care Rawls and keep up the good work. I look forward to more of your stuff and any future collabs with you and JD in the future at least on his stuff.

  3. neoquan

    Rawls writing and JD’s art is what brought me here. What kept me here is Rawl’s writing. While I still think that JD’s art is the best Rawls has collaborated with, everybody has to the what’s best for themselves. I’m just glad Palmer Mansion will still get a complete illustrated edition. I just hope the art is comparable to JD’s level of talent.

  4. Rawls

    Thanks for your comments! This was a tough one, but I really do look forward to see what JDseal comes up with next. Should be lots of fun. And I’ll work hard to land the perfect artist for the Palmer Mansion reboot.

  5. DM1485

    Well, this is VERY disappointing..

    Being that i’m still subscribed over at his site, i get WHY things are how they are with him, and the projects he’s been working on… Still, the biggest reason i was still tossing money his way, was because of his continued participation in THIS project. Sadly, i’m gonna hafta re-think that expenditure now.

    Hopefully, the next artist is able to match JD’s quality.

  6. illathid

    A bit disappointing as it’s one of my favorite series, but I understand the need to change things when necessary. I’m glad it’s an amiable parting!

  7. Holyx

    I think this is for the best. I am glad that Palmer mansion can finally get a new artist so that the reboot can be completed.

  8. Uberlad654

    Good to hear it’s on good terms.