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Thanks to some excellent suggestions, I’m changing a few things about my polls to increase voter participation. I’ve already changed the polling software. I’ve added a sidebar that will always show the latest poll. And I’m going to extend the time for voting in each poll. I’ll think about some of the other suggestions. I really appreciate the help!

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  1. ItsDoodleMan

    I’m interested in doing some art for one of these stories in the future. How can I reach you personally?

      1. ItsDoodleMan

        I added you on discord. My @ ItsDoodleMan

  2. UsualOak

    If we’re talking about site updates what are the odds we could get username/password boxes added to the top of the site? Not the biggest deal but it’s just annoying clicking an email link, loading the story page, navigating to members, loggin in, then going back to the story page. Would be nicer to just be able to login on any page.

    Probably nitpicking but there just isn’t much else that I don’t like here! haha Keep up the great work!

    1. Rawls

      The odds are pretty good 🙂 I just added it. On any page with a sidebar, there is now a login/logout right below the search box. Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. Lobria

    I’m glad I always miss them. Haven’t been here for awhile been busy but will try to comment again. Also instead of going to each post I will put this here. You are killing it with the artist here every single one I’ve seen here has been great keep it up. Looking forward for more of your work. Also Alison needs to make up her mind who she wants to with. Her dumbass boyfriend or her brother lol. See ya next time Rawls.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the feedback! I would recommend posting comments on any story where you especially like the artwork. The artists usually read the comments and positive feedback can be very motivational for them.