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The Sex Talk is on its final chapter. After that, SeventeenSam and I will need a new project to collaborate on. He would like to work on something in the Rawlytown, USA universe. So, it won’t be in the DSU or Mothers & Monsters: NO overt magic, fantasy, or dark stones.

What will be the premise of our new story? That’s going to be up to you. In thirty words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. We’ll pick out our favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

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  1. crazydorian

    A husband worries that his wife is headed for a mid-life crisis. He hires a “Wife Coach”, with some unusual self-help techniques for today’s modern, vibrant MILFs.

  2. Zachful12

    Family living on a farm in the middle of nowhere in the USA, maybe near Rawlytown? . Only son is struggling with himself as he is still a virgin and can’t find a girl. Nevertheless he is always surrounded by woman 3 sisters and his mother. Mother had married an older man who is now nearly ignoring her sexually.

  3. alc07

    Maybe wrong place to ask the question, but is Aztec Dynasty abandoned or is that going to be coming back?

  4. Old-school Perv

    Mother and father who were brother and sister tell their son and daughter about the family secret and teach them about pleasing each other, as well as their parents.

  5. Old-school Perv

    Lost Colony of Roanoke. The fall and disappearance of the settlement by way of ancient European witchcraft and native magics that lead to an incest free for all.

  6. crazydorian

    An innocent, but impressionable woman keeps hearing internet rumors about sons seducing their mothers. She becomes paranoid and obsessed that her son will do the same. Is she imagining things?. 🙂

  7. Alrikos

    A young dealer who want to make money to help his poor family gets his hands on an experimental drug who in theory should be harmless. On a sad day, he tries it and end up with his body odor emitting pheromones and fluids acting like an aphrodisiac.

  8. ReadRawls69

    Mom bets it all on inventive small business but early struggles require asking her nerdy, withdrawn son for accounting, inventory & computer help. Their collaboration a success, the business, their appreciation for one another & his confidence blossom. “Numbers are easy mom, girls are impossible”

  9. ReadRawls69

    In 1840’s rural Ohio, M/2sons struggle to survive on mortgaged farm after father bails leaving little money. Long days of hard work build a tough, supportive family whose dedication to each other slowly morphs into a fulfillment far beyond the imaginations of these simple farmers.

  10. ReadRawls69

    Too young & fine for frumpy, mom begins home fitness program & seeks emotional & workout support from her muscled linebacker son. Inspired by her success, neighborhood moms look to mimic her method. What will the neglected girlfriends do?

  11. general_fuckery

    A single mother working the night shift at a diner takes advice from a dark stranger.

  12. soxfanforever

    Town eccentric leaves fortune in his will to the widowed mother with the most children by end of the decade. Moms go to extreme lengths trying to win the prize.

  13. MsOedipusSex

    2020s: A Rawlytown household is hit hard by pandemic. Dad passes away and sister is stuck at college. Quarantined together, mom and teen son can contain urges for only so long…

  14. MsOedipusSex

    2000s/2010s: The social media challenge hijinks amongst all the senior boys suddenly goes awry at Rawly High, when someone ups the ante to the hitherto unspeakable: “Fuck and creampie your mom!”

  15. MsOedipusSex

    1990s: It’s senior year at Rawly High and the nerds plan to finally exact vengeance on the jocks—lacing their Gatorade during homecoming which causes them all to desire their moms…

  16. MsOedipusSex

    Rawlytown 1980’s: Newly widowed Mom and her teen son welcome new housemates, Aunt and twin teen boys and Mom’s BFF with her son. It’s a full house of hormonal energy!

  17. MsOedipusSex

    1970’s suburbia: Freak snowstorm confine housewife and stoner son together whilst husband is on businesstrip and daughter at college. Bonding over weed and growing sexual frustration lead to the inevitable…

  18. CeeBee42

    A mother and father are informed that their 18-year-old son has a split personality disorder. The doctor/psychiatrist tells the mother that this other personality has a voracious sexual appetite and he could turn violent if his NEEDS are not met. She begins to encourage and help her son find girls, then married women (like the psychiatrist) and more and more of herself to keep her son’s other personality from doing something terrible. The son may not remember what this other personality has done and/or there could be quite a twist later on.

  19. MsOedipusSex

    Suburbia 1960s: The Lamberts (Mom + 2 teen sons) and Bradys ( Dad + 2 teen daughters) are now one family by marriage. Summer of Love camping trip together ignites familywide step/blood attraction…

    1. MsOedipusSex

      (of course both pairs of kids will be 18+….or make both pairs of siblings twins, of roughly the same age, but still 18+)

  20. MsOedipusSex

    1840s: The obscure origins of Rawlytown—How Margaret Rawly and son Jed alone (out of a family of five) survived the Pioneer Trail, before starting anew in the rugged West…

    1. MsOedipusSex

      Location-wise, I would leave it vague—ergo, fill in the _____Territory (obviously it’s based on the “Oregon Trail”) so as the reader may imagine the story to occur wherever they may please, and subsequently the future Rawlytown, USA may be anywhere unspecifically (though for the purposes of this tale, it’s somewhere out West).

  21. MsOedipusSex

    The near future: a suburban American town is the unwitting frontline of WW3: an enemy balloon emitting “gases” targets the town’s housewives (whose husbands are all deployed) and their sons…

  22. Librertine

    A charming middleaged man, opens his curios shop in the town. The lure of the exotic things that “would fit perfectly…” is strong among ladies of our lil town then things go wild when the boys start buying too!

  23. tamcfarland212

    An 18 year old black boy struggles with attending a recently segregated high school. his family decides he should get a girlfriend so that he is lonely. He struggles with seducing gofres as he is a shy nerdy introvert. Mom and sisters help show him how to get a girl. Mother notices sons unusually large cock and while showing son how to seduce a women she is overtaken with her needs and urges that she has sex with son. Cock is so good she decides all women need to experience this. Mom helps son create a harem at school and at home.

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      Minus segregated school and reduce to about 30 words, this sounds like a decent premise.

      1. MsOedipusSex

        Ought it not to be “desegregated”? 🤔

        1. 7Myxzptlk

          If it’s in the 60s, desegregated. If modern day, then just a school.

  24. 7Myxzptlk

    A science experiment for making muscle medicine turns a family (minus dad) into chiseled, muscular people… with green skin. Quarantined, their new anatomies develop overwhelming needs that they must slake.

  25. JTass

    Mom is always nagging son and daughter-in-law for grandchildren, Daughter-in-law seduces mom, then brings son in for a threesome to impregnate her with her own grandchild.

  26. MsOedipusSex

    1950s teen living with his puritanical aunt meets a firecracker gal who frees his spirit after his uncle’s funeral: his believed-dead mother. Exploring the world together, they grow inexorably closer…

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      @MsOedipusSex: here’s a TLDR for your idea for the 30 words limit.

      1950s teen living with his puritanical aunt meets a firecracker gal who frees his spirit after his uncle’s funeral: his believed-dead mother. Exploring the world together, they grow inexorably closer.

      1. MsOedipusSex

        Thank you 7Myxzptlk🙏
        (Original pitch: “Post-war America, the 1950’s. Restless teen Jon has been raised all his life by a strict, puritanical Aunt and a kindly doting Uncle—who suddenly dies. At the funeral, Jon ironically meets someone whom he’d regarded as being long lost and dead to him: his Mother. She’s a free-spirited woman who in her carefree youth had been forced by circumstances years ago to abandon him. In a whirlwind reacquaintance with each other, discovering their shared rebellious streak and passion for the thrumming, newfangled music known as rock n’ roll—Mother and son draw inexorably closer, until…”)

    2. crazydorian

      I’d almost suggest flipping this one, and having the firecracker be his aunt. The Rawlyverse has tons of great moms, but one of my other favourite tropes for these stories is the fun, uninhibited aunt.

      1. MsOedipusSex

        Well, the seeds for the story are based on the John Lennon biopic “Nowhere Boy” (there’s a “sanitized” version of the film on YouTube, but it cuts out nearly all the Mom-son “uncomfortable” bits). In the movie, John’s mom had been forced to abandon him when he was 5 and he’s raised by his strict aunt. John and mom reunite when he’s a teenager, just as the hormones start flowing and he discovers rock n’ roll—he’s intrigued by her vivacious and flirtatious demeanor when she’s around him, but of course the film explores their dilemma of simmering mutual attraction no further…

        I’d argue that if the story has a strict Mom & her son with a “firecracker” Aunt who comes into his life , that that’d be the more mundane/expected scenario…there’d be more drama and impact in my opinion if it’s the Mom who’s been long-lost and with whom the son reconnects.

  27. Divway

    Young wife who has 3 kids. Boy(19), twin sisters(23). On hubby’s death inherits the company Boy is lazy. Will has conditions; he has to be trained to run company. Wife decides to do it her way.

  28. Noat

    son and mother get leading roles in a romantic play. An uncomfortable and awkward situation at first turns into a bonding journey they did not expect.

  29. MiloTC

    The prompt says that it takes place in RawlyTown, i.e. no magic

  30. Hercamer52

    Mom is in car accident and son must nurse her back to health. During the ordeal, mom develops feelings for son, discovers The Guide, and edits/uses it so she can seduce him.

    1. Zesty _D

      I love this idea, especially if it’s written from the mother’s pov

    2. crazydorian

      I still maintain that the reason Rawlytown has no equivalent ‘The Guide but for Moms’ is that the entire section of ‘The Guide’ website for that subject consists entirely of:
      “Have you tried asking? We’ve never had any moms come back needing a second step.”

      But I do like the area of mothers discovering The Guide as well.

  31. Genericc616

    Single mother is given a free camping holiday by a friend. Wanting to bond with her distant son, she accepts. However upon arrival they discover the campsite holds many secrets

  32. AtlachtNacha

    Son discovers mother has a ‘risky sex’ fetish, he plots to impregnate her. Sister has a thing for her brother, blackmails them into having him knock her up too.

  33. Jaxom

    A man spends the night at a run down, trashy motel with bad wiring, after getting nearly electrocuted, he discovers that he can control people’s minds through electronic devices