Pitch suggestions for Rawly Rawls universe names.

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I write in four universes. All my stories fit into one of them. And in each universe, all the stories are connected.

The first is the Dark Stone Universe (DSU). This one is the universe with dark stones. Of course, The Dark Stone is in this one. Also, Palmer Mansion, Curse of the Shadow, Enki’s Puzzle, Wicked Tower, and more.

The second is the high fantasy universe. This is the universe with elves, goblins, dragons, etc. In this universe, you’ll find Dragon’s Blood, The Barter, The Surrogate Wife, The Enchanted Scepter, and others.

The third is my non-supernatural universe. No magic here. Stories like The Guide, The Sex Talk, The McAllister Method, Noises through the wall, Anything for Robby, and others.

The fourth is my supernatural but no dark stone universe. This one includes Nosferatu Next Door, A New Aztec Dynasty, Coyote’s Trick, and others.

After the DSU, what should we name the second, third, and fourth universes? This question has come up on the Wiki, and I didn’t have a name for those. Pitch your ideas in the comments bellow.

TL/DR: Pitch me names for three of the four Rawly Rawls literary universes.

If I get enough suggestions, I’ll post a poll (or maybe series of polls) to pick the winning name for each universe. This post will close in a few days.

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  1. BWayMarshall

    The Rawlychester universe for the Supernatural

    For the Non-Supernatural Universe: Rawly, USA

  2. Signinforwebsite

    2 (High Fantasy): The Rawlmarillion? (lol). Maybe something like “Lust in the Land’ or ‘Mothers, Monsters and Men’, if they’re all in one setting maybe making them ostensibly be tales being related by a single narrator, that dwelf from Dragon’s Blood maybe? ‘The World According to Hisname’…nah maybe I’m trying too hard, lol.

    3 (Normal): ‘Rawlytown, USA’ or ‘Rawlytown, Anywhere, Anytime’ or something else like that since there’s at least one non-USA oriented story and iirc some of them are technically period pieces?

    4 (Supernatural, but not fantasy): Seeing is Believing, maybe? Since it’s about urban legends and stuff? I’m sure people will have way better ideas than me.

    EDIT: Boy I probably should’ve read the other posts before writing mine, I guess. That ‘Anytown, USA’ fruit was apparently a lot lower hanging than I thought it was, lol.

  3. Sluttybeignet

    Rawleys Reincarnations, Rawlys Registrar, Rawlcest or Rawlycest, Rawlys Resonance, Rawlys Reformation, Rawlys Revelations (too much alliteration lol)

  4. Will

    Randy University where sex themes are taught. The myth of the black stone. Therapy etc.
    I also saw a cartoon where a wealthy man bought his sister at a slave auction but he did nothing with the story after he developed the characters. I wonder what you could do with something like that. And you write a lot of interesting stories and there are so many unfinished.

  5. crazydorian

    Mentioned in the Discord already, but my suggestion for the high fantasy universe is “Mothers & Monsters”

  6. Divway

    Mythical Universe : Dragon’s Blood, The Barter, The Surrogate Wife, The Enchanted Scepter, and others.
    Normal Domain : The Guide, The Sex Talk, The McAllister Method, Noises through the wall etc
    Supernatural Universe : Nosferatu Next Door, A New Aztec Dynasty, Coyote’s Trick, and others.

  7. 7Myxzptlk

    The Limitless Ways of Rawls Road

  8. FreshlySnipes

    Realm of enchantment, realm of reality and realm of the masquerade

  9. Chinran

    Hmmm. Maybe something like “Carnal Magic” for the high fantasy verse. Perhaps Lewd Intentions for the non-supernatural verse. Then something like Magic’s Rebirth for the not Dark Stone supernatural verse. After all that one seems to have a large focus on things that were gone or nearly dead coming back and breeding new numbers.

  10. Thomas_windsor

    2: Bonia – Kind of like Narnia but with boners
    3: YMHM – Young Men Hot Moms
    4: WMMB – When Magic Makes Babies (Maybe WMMIB: When Magic Makes Incest Babies)

  11. JTass

    2) Dwelf Tales
    3) I second DM1485’s suggestion of “Anytown, USA”
    4) The Eldritch Realm

  12. customer999

    Realm of magic
    Dimension next door

  13. Aneurysm

    2. Majestic Fascination
    3. Conventional Circumstances
    4. Nocturnal Ordeals

  14. CeeBee42

    2. I think the second should be a world name, like The World of Fantasia or Middle-Earth. When it comes to thinking of new names for planets and so forth, that I’m not good at.
    3. Real Rawls or Real Rawls World or Rawls’ Real World. A play on the old but still going Real World reality show.
    4. Gods and Monsters and Pleasure or something along those lines. Rawls’ Realm of Gods and Monsters.

  15. Mithandriel

    2 – fantastical MILF’s and where to find them
    3 – The inside Stories (or a german saying translated to english: (stories from the sewing box )
    4 – veil of the old gods

    In General I think it is important to have a name for the universes as the question comes up often enough. It would also allow you to sort the Stories on the Website according to them.

  16. DM1485

    2 – Mythical Realm
    3 – Anytown, U.S.A
    4 – Uncanny Chronicles

    1. Rawls

      I really like Anytown, USA for 3 with a little twist: Rawlytown, USA 🙂

      1. DM1485

        “anytown” is more generic…..however, for the purposes of the application “rawlytown” is perfect, lol. Wish i’d thought of it. hope you end up going with it.