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The Surrogate Wife is on its final chapter. After that, Laimov and I will need a new project to collaborate on. He does not want to work in a fantasy setting, so we’ll stick to pitches in the Rawlytown, USA universe (small town or suburbs, no magic, contemporary).

What will be the premise of our new story? That’s going to be up to you. In thirty words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. We’ll pick out our favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

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  1. triggerhappynsfwww

    WW3 begins.Mother,son,sister and dad who live in a rural town have a nuclear shelter full of food thanks to the dad who was a prepper,they are trapped in the shelter when the nuclear fallout begins and the radiation affects the biology of the son and the women in a curious manner.Shenanigans ensue

    Second suggestion (sorry couldn’t decide)
    A family of 3 son,mother and sister are in a zombie apocalypse where everyone else is infected and turned into zombies but mysteriously the 3 hasn’t turned but the virus in their body has affected their libido.

  2. ReadRawls69

    Infatuated w/ and intent on seducing his mom but unaware of ‘The Guide’ a son begins a multi pronged attack that includes secret admirer letters, compliments, helpful chores,etc. Excited but wary of the letters she tells her son about them. As admirer & confidant, how can his plan of psychological manipulation fail?

  3. cmj15301

    Son causes skin irritation on his huge penis due to masturbation with olive oil. Penis must be treated with cream medicine. Mom decides in order for it to be done correctly, she must help out…as her motherly duty.

    She discovers that son is probably 3 times the size of father and can’t help but wonder….

    But no….that’s disgusting to the conservative Christian housewife….though she is lonely, horny, and neglected…

  4. JTass

    Suggested Title – “The Second Best Revenge”
    MC was constantly abused and humiliated by one bully through his entire childhood and teens. He’s repeatedly told by multiple people that “The best revenge is living a happy life.” That’s not enough for MC, so he figures out that he’s going to enact the second best revenge – seduce every single female in his bully’s life (GF, mom, sister, mentor/teacher, employer) and turn them against the bully.

  5. Stranger101s

    Lonely housewife fed up with constantly traveling husband initiates affair with son home from college, the now lovers must conceal their romance from husband/father while they plot their next moves.

  6. ReadRawls69

    A brilliant & beautiful psychiatrist and her equally brilliant teenage son openly discuss & conclude the Oedipus complex to be confined to “normal” people. To prove their beliefs, testing is required. Will good researchers deny results?

  7. ReadRawls69

    A mom registers for dance lessons but her husband refuses. Recognizing his moms need to break the prosaic rut, her son agrees, hoping it may even help him w/ girls. Soon they’re a tuned, entwined pair growing closer w/ each harmonious embrace.

  8. Magnus58

    Three boys make a bet on whether they can each seduce a teacher at school. The boys draw names at random and one of them happens to draw his own mom who is a teacher at their school. Rest of the story is about them each taking different strategies to seduce their teachers.

  9. SapphireAshura

    Son finds online text based role playing game. Slowly discovers that game is actually interacting with the subconsciousness of those around him. Uses newfound power to begin manipulating people for his perverse desires.

    33 words.. Almost. ;P Dunno if this counts as magic or not.

  10. CeeBee42

    A mother thinks her son and married neighbor are acting peculiar. She discovers that they are having an affair. She demands they both stop. But they don’t, as things only get more exiting doing this without her seeing them, and knowing she won’t rat them out. That, and the MILF neighbor talks her young boyfriend into seducing his mother and gives him tips on how to do so. The mother is now having trouble in her own sex life with her husband, as she has seen the illicit pair bumping uglies and her son’s large penis, so she grows jealous. Ending with the mom as his main lover, but both wives pregnant.

  11. Mithandriel

    A Son returns home after university only to realize that his home town in the mountains has always been a bit different, mysterious. His return activates a certain part of a recessive gene from an an ancestor that turned out to have been a werewolves which causes his penis (any maybe more) to transform. Would leave open lots of space for other characters with other recessive gene suddenly manifesting (Hucows, faun, pixie etc.)

    P.S. that is a pitch for the next story pitch just wanted to have it already recorded XD

    1. CeeBee42

      This is a good story idea, except that its fantasy. Keep it for when Rawls needs a fantasy story. Hope Rawls does something like this eventually.

  12. Thomas

    A widowed aunt wants to explorer and travel the country. Her concerned sister doesn’t want her doing it alone so she sends her son to accompany his aunt.

  13. elekhi

    Son returns from art school to his loving but neglected mother, and begins to paint portraits of her, “for a collection”. His work reflects his love and, gradually, his desires.

    1. polotus2328

      I like this idea, especially if he was gifted a special paint, and any woman he paints starts to look at him differently.

  14. mcshadow

    Roland Jr’s story after the Palmer Legacy. Would love to see him start his church and cult. Using his ability to spread his word and seed.

    1. Magnus58

      I think you mean Roland Jr. since he was the new messiah by the end of Palmer Legacy. But yeah I’d love to see more of that

  15. Thickdick

    Mother has a busy job and is cranky at home with her son who is in college. Both secretly lonely but don’t want to tell each other. No dad, possibly a sister. When both decide to put their names into a blind date setup they get paired and realize their mutual loneliness/appreciation/desire for one another. Decide to do a couple more “dates” to make each other happy..

  16. Prowalker10

    After the death of their father, a young pro-gamer must provide for his mother and sister now. His sister has always been infatuated with him but he ignores her (which only makes her want him more). His mother find an attraction to him now that he provides for the family. the household women compete for his affections. Breeding kink.

  17. HHUUKK

    “The Preacher’s Wife”
    In a small town in Arkansas, a well-hung nerd and comic book lover decides to test if “The Guide” really works with his mother and his sister.

  18. Ridwan

    Rich bully seduces crush of the protagonist. Shut-in geeky older sister helps him unlock his mojo and unleashes a beast that can’t be tamed. His Mom & bullies family fall. No dad

  19. AtlachtNacha

    Retrying my last suggestion-

    Son discovers mother has a ‘risky sex’ fetish, he plots to impregnate her. Sister has a thing for her brother, blackmails them into having him knock her up too.

  20. Acclord

    Second suggestion:

    During a nuclear Armageddon a brother is stranded with his sisters and mother… the father was killed on the attack but left them prepared in a house in the mountains…

    The story is around the challenges of living in this new environment, fighting the urges and afterwards repopulating the world… sort of…

  21. ChillyWilly

    18 year old son wants to seduce his very curvy mother but knows that she would never go for it. So son hires an actor to play a Dr who diagnoses him with some rare sexual disorder. In order to help relieve these symptoms the reluctant mother must assist him with ejaculating multiple times a day. Without the daily sessions, this disorder could eventually render the son infertile.

    1. Rawls

      I thought for a second that he hired and actor to play Dr. Who, haha

    2. 7Myxzptlk

      Trimmed your idea to 30 words

      Son hires actor to play a Doctor, falsely diagnose him with rare medical disorder requiring naive, curvaceous, reticent mother with assisted repeat ejaculation aid or he “becomes infertile.”

  22. Acclord

    First suggestion:

    Haunting at Palmer mansion re-do… (stopping at chapter 15 was a shame… )

    1. Rawls

      This is a priority. Waiting for the right illustrator to reboot it.

  23. 7Myxzptlk

    A magic typewriter, with the power to influence or realize whatever is written, is gifted by an ignorant MC to his mother for her birthday. Mom writes literotica soon after.

  24. Demon13G

    A college student is working on a project to help people deal with addictions and bad habits, using infrasound and suggestions while sleeping. Testing it slowly on his family.

  25. jowholmes

    Mother and son move into new neighborhood strangely devoid of males and full of MILFs. Son becomes object of worship for all the women in the neighborhood, including mom.

  26. darkovin

    A young man has a friend stay over who “borrows” his laptop and looks up MILF porn. Mother sees it, gets the wrong idea, and is turned on.

  27. Evil Modder

    A young man at college is struggling to meet women.
    Asks sister for help, she agrees.
    She doesn’t know he also asked their other sisters, who also agreed.

  28. BWayMarshall

    After death of Grandfather and CEO, will for sole inheritor of family/company fortune goes to Grandson starting business school. Mother, Aunt, older sister begin to compete and seduce MC to share the fortune

    1. AuntLover

      Some Aunt content would spice things up a bit 😉

      Fighting for attention between Mom, Aunt, and sister(s) would be fun

  29. AfkasH

    Intimate love story between mother and son, they grew even closer after the tragic accident that took the life of the sister and dad. Years later when they decided to move on, they each found out that they are not interested in anyone else besides each other, and now they have to fight through their terrible dates to be with each other.