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The Roll Ten for a Save reboot is on its final chapter. After that, DixonLyrax and I will need a new project to collaborate on. He wants to work in a fantasy setting, so please make pitches in the high fantasy Rawly universe: also known as Mothers & Monsters.

What will be the premise of our new story? That’s going to be up to you. In thirty words or less, pitch your idea for a new running story in the comments below. We’ll pick out our favorite suggestions and hold a poll to select the winner in a few days.

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  1. ReadRawls69

    A highly advanced, hyper sexualized, shapeshifting race ‘borrows’ families of humans, changing them physically & mentally…experiments for science. Despite the alien’s intentions of returning them in original condition, human bodies & minds are unsuited for such and some changes remain.

  2. Chinran

    Years ago a woman was captured go goblins and was barely rescued before being broken by their addictive/narcotic cum. When she returned home however she found that she was pregnant. 18 years later she stumbles on her goblin son masturbating and gets a face full of his cum reawakening her old longing. Once she falls to it something in her mind breaks and she starts working to spread her son’s “gift” to the other women of their village.

  3. BobWeiss

    For about 19 years, a woman has been a thrall to her mind controller husband. When he suddenly dies, she snaps awake. When she realizes her son has the same gift, she decides to seduce and control him before he can use his blossoming powers on her.

  4. pghcrew

    An evil being takes root in a Castle Town, by night filling dreams with carnal familial acts and sharing whispers of encouragement by day. Every fulfilled temptation leading to physical changes. Will the high-born within the castle walls share the same fate? Should the evil being be stopped?

  5. Akradain

    Young prince and witch-queen mother battle each other according to prophecy for control of the kingdom, not realizing until it’s to late that the prophet…big ol’pervert.

  6. douggiethedog

    Maybe use the hero’s journey ? Young buck thrust out in to the cruel world & Gets amazing abilities along the way ( sexy jedi mind tricks )? Maybe the mum and/or sis has a way to disguise themselves as somebody or something else like a play on Pasiphae?

  7. ReadRawls69

    Workers on the first successful mining colony on Mars uncover an ancient portal capable of transporting people into their fantasies. Cryptic inscribed warnings unheeded, the price for fulfillment is born in their desires.

  8. 7Myxzptlk

    A renowned adventurer mother brings her combative children on her newest expedition for “Dark Stone” temples. The group grows closer as the adventure and dark treasures fuel their “excitement.”

  9. 6u6iou

    A young noble learns that his mom, sisters, aunts, cousins are his inheritance, and it’s secretly been that way for generations. What strange forces have been corrupting his family?

  10. elekhi

    Timid boy accidentally spurns a nymph, who curses him with a sexual appetite toward women forbidden to him. His widowed mother begins to notice a difference in him…

  11. iacub

    A boy is captured by a tribe of orcs while hunting away from his family and forced into the tribe. After assimilating, he must undergo a ritual of manhood by demonstrating his ability for conquest… sexual conquest. He is given ‘gifts’ by a shaman as well as a target: a lone cottage that seems very familiar.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t get the full concept in 30 words. It sounded too bare boned.

  12. adscrypt

    local witch is attractive but spooky/angry, recruits young loser as she needs “male essence” for potions – one enlarges his equipment – in return for “magical assistance” with all/any women

  13. Divway

    The goddess mother has been watching her sons grow. Soon the time to harvest their manly potential will arrive. The havens will have another orgy. She will be the focal point as she claims her boy’s manhood. She must make sure her sisters and cousins do not steal that prize. If either is taken then their magical chance to make her with child will possibly not happen. If either boys gets her with child her rein will continue as it has for eons now…

  14. RedFrost434

    After the King’s mysteries death, A queen mother and her princeling son are surrounded by untrustworthy rivals all scheming for power.

    And after trying everything she can to prepare and mature her innocent and naive son, the Queen is forced to take more drastic measures, and begins molding her son into the strong ruler they both need him to be.

  15. discreteegrandpa

    Son summons a succubus, but forgets that she needs a physical vessel so his mom is chosen to be possessed. To free her they must make a new vessel.

  16. B4Lurker

    Young prince upon his birthday reaching majority, receives many gifts from various sources. One is a matched ring/necklace combo with a unique dark stone. The source can be unknown, the wicked woman of choice, a Daystar character, etc. The ring for him and the necklace for his ‘true love’. Could be his mom, but could also be passed around among the women.

  17. soxfanforever

    Fey lady “saves” farmboy’s life. Fey says he owes her twelve-fold. Distraught, he asks how? She points at mother and two sisters, “At least four apiece?” Rapid, repeated pregnancies ensue.

  18. Thickdick

    A family AI’s emotion modules have evolved on there own and she has grown increasingly enamored with the 19 year old son (John). After the son finally manages to open the parent block on the houses internet, the AI learns a lot more about pleasure and sex with humans (or she just learned on her own naturally). She begins thinking logically about what she can do to bring happiness and pleasure to John in any way she can. After one or two tries with no luck… she begins trying to drop seductive hints to Johns mother and sister about John. (Could also end up getting the AI a body so that she can experience pleasure too with John)

  19. rk24010

    Disillusioned by his father’s ways, a young daystar rebels by convincing Adam & Eve’s two sons Cain and Abel compete for their mother’s affection. An origin story of Daystar’s exile.

    1. elekhi

      Nice idea! The result of that competition would be the numerous but flawed humanity that would end up drowning in the flood. Noah’s family might work as a sequel to your story suggestion 😉

  20. luckydave

    A young man inherits a family reputation for prodigious sexual appetite, but he wants to blaze his own trail a chaste wanderer. Horny women and monsters make that difficult.

  21. baddragon

    A potion allows daughter or son to transform into their parent. To keep up the ruse they are put in an awkward situation with the spouse who they develop feelings for. body swap/gender swap/romantic

  22. Thomas

    A farm boy’s father disappears and in his search he stumbles upon a plot to overthrow the royal family. He receives help from a disgraced female elf warrior to save his mother, sister, aunt, and cousins from peril.

  23. JTass

    MC’s mom cheated on his dad and got caught, and MC resents the hell out of his mom and her lover for breaking up the family. MC is studying archeology and finds a grimoire at a dig site. He uses it to summon a demon to get revenge on mom and her lover, and winds up possessed by an incubus.

  24. Acclord

    Idea 2 – a family’s house is sucked by a twister they end in a magical world were each of them have different powers and they have to conquer evil… A debauched magic of Oz… With a mother her son and a daughter

  25. Acclord

    Idea 1 – a student goes to Egypt and accidentally gets pharaohs power when he returns home he commands every woman to do his biding

  26. crazydorian

    Elf/fey/dragon/demon/etc mates into the same human family every few generations to renew the bloodline’s magical powers. Due to a tragic massacre, she must find her last male descendant to renew the pact, or die.

  27. Lobria

    why not a story connected to the wicked tower. You talked about I think of doing spin off on that. Well why not start with this.

    1. Rawls

      There aren’t any magical creatures in the Wicked Tower world, expect for talk of dragons to the south. Artist wants to work with lots of fantasy creatures.

      1. Lobria

        Oh….oops. well regardless you should do spinn offs of wicked tower. That story is underrated and I feel there is a lot of potential for more stories from that world.

        1. Rawls

          It’s possible. I have a soft spot for that story and that world. I wouldn’t be opposed to exploring another part of it.

          1. Lobria

            You really should. I think that story is really good. I would love to see what you come up with for that.

  28. pragmaticromantic

    The MC’s father, the general and king, brings back a POW from battle as leverage in the ongoing war in the nation. Unbeknownst to all, this POW was a plant by the opposing nation to use his magic to destabilize from the inside. The POW influences the MC’s relationship with the women of his family with forbidden desires, intent on destabilizing everything.

  29. NegativeEnergy

    A young student of magic tries a summoning spell too advanced for him and is not prepared for the consequences – a succubus’ essence corrupting his mother when she investigate the commotion.

    1. Thickdick

      Check out “The Barter,” one of rawlys older illustrated works. It’s almost exactly this

  30. Evil Modder

    In a ritual to join a tribe of orcs, a young man must go into the forest and defeat an elf, the elf curses the young man who returns “changed”. (much to the surprise of his mother and sisters.)

    The bit about the mother and sisters is after the 30-word limit! 😉

  31. 7Myxzptlk

    MC and family become pirates seeking a legendary relic, strong enough to defeat an enemy and protect their homeland.

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      Set within the world of THE WICKED TOWER.

  32. James.Lopez2710

    Second part of mothership wilderness once they have reached the new planet

  33. Pikathulhu

    A son inherits his family farm when his father dies. He turns up a mysterious stone in a field one day that begins to transform him, his mother, and sisters in unique and fantastic ways.

  34. Jokerray

    Our story starts from the normal world, where a family of three (dad,mom and a son) is living happily, but one day dad gets lost suddenly then it’s revealed that the mom is from a wizard World and she was the most beautiful wizard there and the king of that world wanted to marry her and he didn’t liked that so she ran away then the king kidnapped the dad so the mom will come to him , now the mom has to tell all this to her son and with his help she will rescue her husband and in the journey she will teach him the art of magic to him and anything can happen on their mission to rescue😉😉

  35. BWayMarshall

    Son returns from Arcane College to family attacked. Mother Sister lives hang by thread, warlock father captured by sexy Drow cultist. A lust curse placed to stop from rescuing grows stronger as they get closer and avert raised Lich destruction.

  36. AfkasH

    Palmer legacy sequel where the gang made that road trip they talked about

  37. Mithandriel

    A Son returns home after university only to realize that his home town in the mountains has always been a bit different, mysterious. His return activates a certain part of a recessive gene from an an ancestor that turned out to have been a werewolves which causes his penis (any maybe more) to transform. Would leave open lots of space for other characters with other recessive gene suddenly manifesting (Hucows, faun, pixie etc.) magic could also be mixed into it.