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In the comments below suggest one event you would like to see as this novel unfolds. Please keep your suggestions to 15 words or less. When we have enough suggestions, I’ll start a reader poll.

EDIT: The suggestion post is closed.

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  1. Zk132

    Instead of escaping the last day, Nick, his sister and mom all decide to keep looping and lose themselves in sex.

  2. Cwvose

    Contrast father’s aloofness with son’s emotional engagement and selflessness. If son subverts his father it should be because father reacts with jealousy and aggression and mother finds solace in son’s tenderness as both are pushed away from father.

  3. bigred411

    2. Nick reaches a point where he can’t advance and his sister can’t help for some reason (out of the city maybe?). He finally gets to the point where he tries to convince his mom what’s going on (IE groundhog day when he convinced Rita). He spends the day with his mom and she tells him how to seduce her. Tells him a hidden kink of some sort.

  4. bigred411

    1. Have nick purposely not advance a day so that he can have more sex/fun with his mom/sister. As Nick does that a few times his mom starts having different reactions as nick is getting better at getting her off.

  5. ThomasEGB

    Epilogue timeskip where their children are adults and get some action and get pregnant too.

  6. waltdee

    You know you’re going to have mon/son stuff and likely impregnation, but I don’t think you’ve done actual pregnancy sex yet, and you could always have mom/son, sister/brother, or mon/son/daughter all fuck in front of Dad with nothing he can do about it.

  7. JHardy

    Is it possible to get a like button or a up vote button

    1. Rawls

      I’m working on that. The goto wordpress plugin for upvoting comments conflicts with another plugin I have. So, hopefully I’ll figure it out at some point.

      1. Rawls

        I should have been writing … but I got it figured out 🙂

  8. JHardy

    Have the parents fight. In moment of weakness/angry mother makes a move on her son and they have sex. Next day mother must deal with regret, guilt and a burning need to do it again. Can she put a stop to this and save her marriage or will she give into son and offer him the position of husband in her new family.

  9. ryanstev

    The father catches Nick and his mother having sex, he goes absolutely bezerk and kills him. Nick wakes up and starts the day over.
    Each time the father catches them.
    After a bit Nick fucks his mother so well that she fights Nick’s father and Nick survives, but the day still repeats and Nick realises that he needs to fuck his mother that well again, but not get caught.
    So they have to find a different place to have sex and they do, they fuck, but he’s not good enough and he keeps having to try to be as good as he was that one time and once he does the next day starts.

  10. Chucked_Sandwich

    Bro and Sis get stumped trying to unlock the next day. mum catches them “doing something”. unlocks the next day.

    1. JHardy

      agree, its nice when story is focus 2 or 3 people. less is more

  11. Medic975

    Progress with both the mom and sister, engaging in more risky sex, ramping up humiliation of the dad and sister’s boyfriend.

  12. Drakefyre

    Nick and his sister have to seduce their mom, together or separately.

  13. Old-school Perv

    Sister and brother force mother into depravity. Double penetrations and face fucking. Resistant fuck slave.

  14. CptRogue

    Pregnancy and maybe a time skip to when they’ve grown up.

  15. King Kells

    Mom, sister and son/brother go on a date and have sex in a theater.

    ( sweet exactly 15 words alright)

  16. 7Myxzptlk

    Nick progresses and starts the next loop with his sister wrapped around his cock, only for this loop to have him immediately get hard and cannon unload into her womb to start the day. Afterwards, he starts the following loop the same way but with his mother, wakes up to cannon bust in her womb also.

    But at the start of these loops, dad is out of the house in the hospital bcuz he got whiplash from a distracted driver rear ending his car. No dad in house, Nick with mom & sister, his godly cock on display, and all three finally fuck like rabbits in heat.

    1. jjs0315

      I like the sister stuff, and also think the loop starting with him having sex at some point in the story would be pretty hot.

  17. Spcolb10

    More cum, flip switch on conservative mom so she becomes the aggressive one and starts reverse raping son… especially when it’s risky (ie husband/ neighbor/ daughters fiance is home). Note stretching of Mc’s harem members pussies when they impale themselves on his huge cock. Pregnancy. Sister’s fiance finds out and becomes a sissy/ cuck. Anal. Mom gets trapped in loop of sex misunderstanding what enki wants, eventually leading to explosive orgasmic creampies ( but he really wanted them to do anal)

  18. Xzv19

    Mom and sister stuck in the loop. They all spend days having sex

  19. Nuddon

    I’d prefer focus on mom and Nick, possibly having mom start to take initiative.

  20. Benril

    keep up the sexual action with sister. maybe sister and mom teams up

  21. Wafer99

    Progress with sister and mother required to catch up.

  22. Schunn99

    Mom and sister get stuck in the loop with MC and emerge heavily pregnant, ready to deliver w/o no time passing outside

  23. Smutaholic

    I’d prefer for the sexual action to focus more on Nick and his mom, not his sister.

  24. CatFly

    More female character, pregnancy, to actually meet the children, for the children to grow up and at 18 be daddy’s girls or something.

  25. chesswing

    Pregnancy in your novels is always fun.