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I’m going to work with an illustrator that would like a story that pairs a woman with a humanoid type character (like mindflayers, yetis, etc.). Suggest the supernatural creature below, and I’ll hold a poll to pick the winner. You don’t need to suggest a plot, just the creature. EDIT: Suggestion post closed. I’ll add the poll in a few minutes.

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  1. Old-school Perv

    An ogre with a dick as big as her arm.

  2. Jackwebb1970

    Man-Bat, Dagon like thing, Dragon Man, ooooh Savage Dragon thing

  3. nobody_00

    Minotaur + nature magic + captured amazon = hucow breeding slave.

    Maybe have the amazon escape halfway through the transformation and then end up dragging down more amazons into the same fate by accidentally ensnaring her rescuers into the same magic.

  4. CptRogue

    Werewolf definitely sounds intriguing.

  5. Coyote11085

    Mindflayer would be cool. Not sure if leprechaun counts but I always imagined that from the movies in the past.

  6. Genericc616

    Dryad – mischievous nature spirit – got nature magic to do whatever you’d want it to. They also have a link to fertility and could look as human like or tree/plantlike as you or your illustrator could want.

  7. Kuanyang

    I’m a bit confused by what’s being asked for here?

    Hominid would include Yeti, but not Mind-flayer, satyr, minotaur, etc..

    Hominids are descended from Ape family tree – Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, People. Most stories about Yetis/Sasquatch refer to them as a missing link and thus are hominids.

    If we mean humanoid then we can open back up to all of the other suggestions, including things like merfolk, centaurs, harpys, lamia, etc.. Of course, you could also mine Eastern mythology – Kappa, Tengu, or Yokai?

    Personally, I’d love to see more done with the Repecki… but that’s not really supernatural.

    Changelings or Doppelgängers could be unique. Lots of opportunities for mistaken identities and angst over a forbidden relationship that turns out to be unfounded, then inexorably becomes the one that seduces the original person that was replaced into breaking taboos.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the comment! You’re right. I’ll update the prompt to humanoid.

      Repecki is getting illustrated, and more chapters will get added if that goes well. We’ll see …

      1. Fred31267

        I have always been partial to Mermen catching women so they can gets some new genes into the Mermaid pool for the next generation.

  8. Stumpy

    Minotaurs, Satyrs or Orcs

    Minotaurs & Satyrs are half humans so may not fit exactly. But Orcs would be perfect

    A woman trapped by Orcs and forced breeding

  9. crushogre

    Satyrs are surprisingly under utilized in my experience.

  10. np_phreak

    some sort of gnome or goblin, short little thing that might reach her knee in height

  11. 7Myxzptlk

    A reclusive beautiful sorceress finds an injured tiger man, his tribesmen slaughtered by marauders, and she takes him to recover at her private land estate. After years of healing, his youthful physicality and touch trigger a mating instinct in her. Will she succumb and breed his children?

  12. Kilrathie56

    Warewolf is always good. Not like twilight giant wolf-warewolf, but more manwolf ish? Maby a fun twist is it’s her son that was turned with a compulsion the breed but she doesn’t find out it’s him until the next day after he transforms back to normal.

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      Who turns the woman into a breeding slave?