Suggestion post for short stories 6/24/21 CLOSED

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Suggest your idea for a short story in the comment section below. Please keep your suggestions to 15 words or less. When we have enough suggestions, I’ll start a reader poll. CLOSED!

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  1. Old-school Perv

    Twins grow huge cocks. DP and double vaginal mother, sisters, aunt, etc.

  2. jowholmes

    Mother discovers son is taking illegal street drug that transforms him into a stud.

  3. ryanstev

    Mom and son go to a fancy dress party, only recognise eachother a moment before insertion

  4. RudyNastik

    A reverse isekai situation featuring Cassia and Vel.

  5. Cosmicwhorror

    mc’s girlfriend isa witch with cuckquean fantasies, uses her magic to help him get partners

  6. XXXbig1@

    Science teacher gives geek student an experimental drug that increases his size and libido. Student begins conquest of family and neighborhood.

  7. plcwiz

    Side story of dark stone birth kids, powers?

  8. fapfundery

    To return magic to the world he must impregnate as many women as possible.

  9. fapfundery

    He invades the dreams of women and nudges their minds but no one, not even he, remembers their dreams.

  10. 7Myxzptlk

    After discovering a mad scientists lab, a young man “domesticates” his family into his breeding slaves. Uses lab to fix the world.

  11. jumpman9

    Mom is CEO. Sisters are executives. Son starts in mailroom. Fucks his way to the top.

  12. 7Myxzptlk

    A magic item turns a young man’s blood relatives and girlfriend into cat girls with extreme libidos, leading to pregnancies.

  13. Acclord

    Guy becomes a Werewolf, transforms and impregnates the women in the Village

  14. Acclord

    Guy becomes a Werewolf and transforma and impregnates the women in the Village

  15. ThomasEGB

    Paper boy finds a dark stone. His morning route becomes interesting.

  16. Jdoggg

    Mom hit in head by dark stone. Becomes bimbo toy for her son

  17. Jdoggg

    Mom hit in the head with dark stone. Becomes a dumb bimbo toy for her son

  18. fobpride21

    Son discovers an ancient egyptian stone that used to belong to the pharaohs, where it makes his mom teach sex w/ his older sister, and his mom acts as the minister as they marry each other

  19. fobpride21

    Son discovers a magic ring that makes the wearer think they’re his wife – and his mother wears it.

  20. LionelAves

    A young woman finds a companion to the dark stone, which in this case causes her to grow an enormous penis, and she begins seducing other women (perhaps at her university?) who then grow penises of their own (like a contagion spreading across the world).

    This would allow you to pick up with any new character you want in the transmission chain in any scenario, allowing maximum flexibility in future vignettes.

  21. shadowolf660

    Origin of the Dark Stone.
    What is it?
    What does it do?
    Where did it come from?
    What does it want?
    Who does it serve?
    And more.
    Not necessarily a short story, but a fun area to explore.

    1. Rawls

      The Haunting of Palmer Mansion has most of those answers 🙂

  22. Thomas

    Aunt teases nephew all summer. Boils over when asking outfit advice for uncle’s work party.

  23. Thomas

    The summer before college the former student repays his favorite teacher.

  24. B2Breed

    Son makes deal with supernatural entity for power, breeds women of the house. (Mom, sisters, maid)

    1. Astria

      Boy invents machine that causes instant orgasms. Mom, sister and all the women close gets addicted.

      1. F69PD

        Stone Hertz, found in short stories pg 8. (90% similar)

  25. Noat

    Lost oldest son comes back home. wants to be chief, takes younger sisters, and mother.

  26. Thomas

    Conquering the wives and girlfriends of his apartment building. Starting with the landlord’s stuck up wife.

  27. Noat

    Daughter buys dark bath bomb for jacuzzi, she, brother, and mom have wild night in jacuzzi.

  28. Noat

    Son gets anonymous nude pics and videos. Later discovers it’s his prude mother (+sister?).

  29. np_phreak

    guy wakes up one day and anything he does is considered ok by everyone else

  30. ChromeDragon

    My Mothers Diary Boy finds moms childhood diary discovers what he writes comes true.

  31. ghosthendrikson

    Mom finds dark stone, grows futa cock, uses it on her daughters.

  32. Stupis80shaircut

    A young man gets a ‘gift’ that leads to him jerkin it everywhere when his family are out (maybe a mother and sister)… when they come home and narrowly catch him in a compromising situation.
    The youngster has managed to hide himself, but by some accidental means, he is uncovered and ejaculates on her face… and the hijinks roll from there…. maybe there is a mischievous force that has set things in motion…

    Is it too specific of a suggestion? It’s my first time suggesting anything…

    1. Rawls

      It’s not too specific, but it’s too long. Be sure to keep it to 15 words or less or I can’t use it. Also, I’m sure you meant that he was 18+, but just be careful with wording there.

  33. Noat

    Dragon mother and adopted son. He needs mana to become a mage, son needs motherly help.

  34. MrSharkie99

    De housewifes of chapter 11 of the dark stone?

  35. Razzia

    Don’t think you do parodies but would love some like : the simpson with bart as MC or modern family with luke as MC.

  36. unfw

    Woman and her son are abducted for an alien zoo

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      > Woman with son, daughter and nieces taken to an alien zoo for human habitat, dosed with chemicals to inbreed.

  37. ThomasEGB

    Next Generation: What happens when the babies from these stories are grown up?

  38. Genericc616

    Experimental love drug is dumped in a lake, where a family is camping.

    1. Stupis80shaircut

      A young mormon boy who is doing missionary work, gets a brain injury and sent home, only to be shunned by his friends… the devil, taking pity (or seeing the opportunity) on the lad and help him out in a sinful way…

    2. F69PD

      Try “There’s Someting in the Water”