Suggestion post for short stories. CLOSED

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Suggest your idea for a short story in the comment section below. Please keep your suggestions to 15 words or less. When we have enough suggestions, I’ll start a reader poll.

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  1. 7Myxzptlk

    Son buys magic artifact, accidentally triggering it when gifting it to his mother. She quickly becomes a were-tigress in heat for son.

  2. ThomasEGB

    Son discovers a Stone and learns his mom was a pornstar. They start making porn.

  3. jowholmes

    Vain mother intentional finds and exposes son to dark stone to recapture sexuality of her youth.

  4. ryanstev

    Mother and son are caught in an earthquake and trapped in close proximity.

  5. heero2020

    A hacker blackmails several people (some family) into having sex (some taboo, some not)

  6. UnderCoverH

    DS descendent awakens Incubus style ability’s, Invades dreams & can alter his body and others that submit to him(size, shape, texture, volume, Properties, etc.)

  7. Schunn99

    Boy finds stone, lightning strike fuses the stone his body, and causes growth and increased fertility in the boy and various women in his life

  8. pghcrew

    non-red veined dark stone discovered, things change between father and daughters

    1. Schunn99

      Blue or green vein variant perhaps?

  9. bigred411

    Boy can nudge relationships one teir per week (i.e. friend zone-datable)

  10. RudyNastik

    Adam and Eve scenario where Cain would grow up to usurp Adam, thus fathering humanity.

  11. Schunn99

    Sequel bully DS vignette after Mc finds hot and busty fianceé and he finds out that he knocked up bullies girlfriend, and sister and MC’s mom

  12. Craig23

    Mom finds stone, progressively loses attraction to husband, fights to resist seducing son.

  13. Schunn99

    origin story, English immigrant to colonies find DS, leads to pregnancy among the young Milfs and teenagers of his colony.

  14. Schunn99

    noble trader is gifted a shard, leading to pregnancy hinxs among his passengers, his daughter and her young girl friends of English nobility (Napoleonic wars timeframe?)

  15. Schunn99

    Boy finds DS, visits widowed aunt and his three female cousins on their farm over the summer. And returns over the course of the following months to find that All four got pregnant with multiples

  16. newWave

    Anthropologist on an expedition in sub-Saharan-Africa, cucks a tribal chief’s wives & daughters; attributes mixed babies to genetic mutations.

  17. ThomasEGB

    Medieval nun finds dark stone. Seduces her fellow nuns and turns the church into brothel.

  18. ghosthendrikson

    Mother finds a dark-stone, grows a futa cock, uses it on her daughters.

  19. Thomas

    Horny Aunt borrows nephew for the summer to help with house projects

  20. Italian10inch

    Instead of just the son with cock expansion have the mom want the father to grow with stone use but after his growth he takes his daughters and others instead of his wife.

  21. ChromeDragon

    Boy with Stone visits his sister in a nunnery.

  22. 7Myxzptlk

    MC’s physical therapist after car accident teaches him how to bed the women in his family.

  23. jovial2002

    curse of the shadow should be continued for more episodes

    1. Rawls

      This suggestion post is for a short story. I’ll open up a suggestion post for novels when Mothership is wrapping up.

  24. Dudesinchaos

    Controlling mom gets put in her place.

  25. unfw

    Woman and her son are stranded on island and are slowly integrated into a tribe

  26. doorknob22

    Bored, ultra rich, perverted son returns home to conquer his broke mother.

  27. 81vol

    Widowed father of daughters finds stone.

  28. Genericc616

    Young man finds a wish-granting artefact. All wishes twisted to be sexual