Suggestion post for short stories 8/28/21

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Suggest your idea for a short story in the comment section below. The story must be about elves and mother/son is preferable. Please keep your suggestions to 15 words or less. When we have enough suggestions, I’ll start a reader poll.

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  1. JTass

    Son hacks his mom’s VR headset with subliminals to seduce her.

  2. JackOfKnives

    Abandoned Half-Elf (son) becomes an adventurer. Seduces hot elven (mom) client. Relationship revealed, passions intensify.

  3. waltdee

    A high school senior (18) is essentially the only male in a house full of women… besides his mother, he has three older sisters. Father is technically part of the family still but is always out of town for business and likely cheating on his wife.

    Youngest starts hearing from her friends that her little brother is hung like a horse and is fantastic in the sack, and hearing that changes her perception of him. She’s curious to know if it’s true and finally spills the beans and talks to him about it. They get more comfortable with each other and she ends up finding out firsthand that her friend’s gossip is true.

    Once the young man beds one of his sisters, that sets in motion a chain where he purposely beds his sisters, then finally his mother, until he has his own harem at home and the absentee father, who’s been taking his wife for granted, is pushed out of the house because his son has taken over the role of “Man of the House” and then some…

    Things take their natural course and months later there are a whole gaggle of newborns, but everyone’s happy with the new arangements.

  4. Craig23

    Elf mother submits to ogre to save son. Humiliation/slut transformation while son watches.

  5. Holyx

    1950’s, boy possess by a demon causing him to sexually dominate his mom and women of the church.

  6. notsohidden

    Add a transgender character. Maybe an effeminate guy who finds himself being changed with the other females and has a sudden irresistible attraction to the MC.

  7. jowholmes

    MILF elf uses magic to seduce and transform mother and son for her sexual pleasure.

  8. np_phreak

    elves consider humans to “breed like animals”, ashamed elven mother cursed into lust/heat, son finds out

  9. Lobria

    Adventurer mother and bored son open eleven tomb, elf controls son and double teams mother.

  10. Takingabreak123

    Elf mother/son help human son seduce mother as repayment for saving their lives.

  11. JohnDoe

    Son is born half human half elf, father died, and he has urges but had an accident and broken his arms

  12. ThomasEGB

    Wife gets tips from mother-in-law to stay close to son. Secrets are unveiled.

  13. 7Myxzptlk

    In August, Santa’s Elves check in on the son & mother they enchanted on Christmas.

    1. Rawls

      That one is on the way from TenderMinDD. I’ll be writing is soon. But not the kind of elves I was looking for here 🙂

      1. 7Myxzptlk

        Ah…Well OK then. THX for the update.

        If not this then…
        “A young elf scavenges mushrooms for diner, accidentally gets the LSD type, trippy incest ensues.”

  14. 7Myxzptlk

    Winning a bet, a guy gets his sister to get a womb tattoo- which he exchanged for a unique ink which turns her into an obedient & submissive nymphomaniac.

    1. Schunn99

      And makes her need to breed and grow fat with her brother’s kids again and again

  15. heero2020

    Twisted Elf on the Shelf: family inherits old voyeur elf doll with magic powers who “likes to watch.”

  16. unfw

    Mother and son get caught in a fairy circle and are overcome with lust

  17. Demonic

    Son summons succubus to lose virginity, succubus possesses mom to grant his wish

  18. Oden1987

    Definitely liking situation combinations of “Groundhog Days”, Aunts, Sibs, serums, no choice but to comply with the situation. Maybe just a all female story (aunt, mom, sis, neighbors), where the clitoris enlarges to a large penis but keeps all other body parts intact?

    1. Oden1987

      Ok on hind sight that may be a multi chapter idea. Sry!

  19. plcwiz

    Either mother/son inadvertently harms an elf’s family member, it turns into a dark elf altering the relationship between mother/son

  20. Jannic

    Young elf pushed to use blood magic to save his dying mother’s life by ‘possessing’ and reshaping her to fix vital functions; succeeds, but cannot forget the power he had while in there, temptation to test its limits.

    1. Jannic

      Very sorry just saw word limit and apparently can’t edit down.

      1. Rawls

        You can just comment again with a shorter pitch. I’ll erase the first one.