Suggestion post for short stories. EDIT: CLOSED

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Suggest your idea for a short story in the comment section below. Please keep your suggestions to 15 words or less. When we have enough suggestions, I’ll start a reader poll.

EDIT: This post is now CLOSED. The poll will go up soon.

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  1. Ultrasound7

    Maybe a Sequal/Epilogue to Curse of the Shadow, otherwise a next gen story.

    1. Rawls

      This poll is for a short story. When it comes time to pick a new novel, the continuation of Curse of the Shadow will be an option

  2. Jtzabor5

    I know this is closed but maybe a character similar to the queen with the dick in wicked tower? Please?

    1. Rawls

      Suggest it next time there’s a suggestion post.

  3. Fred31267

    Merman seduces and impregnates women in secluded cove they have mermaid babies 9 months later.

  4. ryanstev

    Mother goes to her room’s hotel room by mistake. She keeps “making” the same mistake.

  5. Anteater

    When it comes to stories like yours; YOUR the master, not me.

  6. RRexamsam

    Girl has fantasy of having a boyfriend that seduces her mom and maybe his own mom and sister. Makes wish on the dark stone for it to happen.

  7. BAS

    Skinny slacker son takes a dark stone yoga class, and spends the pandemic working out with his two sisters, mom, and assorted neighbors.

  8. bostant

    Rich Grandpa dies and leaves entire inheritance to his grandson Billy. For others the only way to get their share is to have kids from Billy. Entire family including his mother, sisters, aunts etc.. try to seduce and get pregnant from him with the help of other males

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      a bit too wordy. Try to trim it down and Rawls can take it

  9. Medic975

    Young man finds stone, takes his bully’s mother, sister, and girlfriend.

  10. Craig23

    Skinny college freshman finds a stone that transforms his cock and makes his jock roommate increasingly limp. Jock’s girlfriend is drawn to the new cock. Jock roommate discovers that his dick only gets hard when he thinks about/sees them together.

  11. pghcrew

    Family moved to Egypt for parents Archeology career, finds a dark stone on a dig.

  12. narutoharuno009

    An alien race of only females, integrates human male colonists into there customs (mating).

  13. 7Myxzptlk

    25yo lewd art guy rooms at 38yo sister’s home after graduating. His 18yo niece finds out, and escalates from model to fuck muse.

  14. Thomas

    Future. Male Erections Inhibited. Only mothers can provide relief until marriage. Stone magic defeats science.

  15. Schunn99

    Boy finds a stone, which transforms his girlfriend/mom/sisters into a cat girls and he breeds them every time they go into heat

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      Yes. Plus cat girl pregnancies last 10 weeks tops, many inbreedings before the new year.

  16. Demon13G

    Young princess tries to avoid an arranged marriage, and asks her big brother, the crowned prince for help. They realize that the best solution is for her to become pregnant. They both start out reluctant, before finally admitting how good it feels and how much they love each other.

  17. Schunn99

    son finds a dark stone and brings his now heavily pregnant girlfriend with him home on break and he breeds mom and his sisters

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      I can see preggo GF get her jollies off seeing BF inbreed

  18. rouz64

    Continuing exchange student story, which was totally wasted by another writer.

  19. Genericc616

    Son Treats his Mother to an ultimate and romantic Mothers-day Date

    1. ghosthendrikson

      Mother finds dark stone, wakes up in the morning with a futa cock and decides to use it on her daughters.

  20. jowholmes

    Succubus girlfriend transforms boyfriend and his single mother into their sexual peak as a gift.

    1. 7Myxzptlk

      I can imagine a week long orgy now as a result

  21. Lazy Yog

    Young man is abducted by a dying alien race to repopulate it, optional Incestuous shenanigans.

  22. np_phreak

    Older brother’s POV coming home on break to younger brother’s dark stone type shenanigans with family.

  23. ThomasEGB

    Next Generation: What happens when the babies from these stories are grown up?