The Sex Talk Ch. 1 to 10

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Naomi Suzuki decides to give her college-bound eighteen-year-old son “the talk”. But her explanation of the birds and the bees gets twisted around on her. Soon, she finds herself in new, compromising positions. Will she be able to escape his training? Will she want to?

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Illustrations by SeventeenSam: or

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4.3 out of 5 dark stones (based on 104 reviews)
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  1. Zen115

    A bit disappointed we didn’t see the mom further along in the pregnancy.

  2. Anteater

    Naomi is finally his; David is a lucky man. Is chapter 8 the last one?

    1. Rawls

      I honestly don’t know if it’s the last one off hand.

  3. fireman399a

    need to introduce her to some of those neighborhood whores’ pussies! start getting her taught to being a carpet muncher as well.

  4. Tommy94

    we can’t wait for the next episode

  5. Anteater

    Chapter 5 is definitely interesting. It looks like David is really going to take her in chapter 6.

  6. DM1485

    There seems to be a problem with the numbering for the chapters. Chapter 2 is now labeled as chapter 3, and 3 as 4, and so on.. I went to download “chapter 5”, and was missing 4, and so i thought i missed one. Upon comparing what’s here to what i have, i discovered the issue.

      1. DM1485

        Well….that’s a doozy of an oversight. Glad it got caught. my OCD’s gonna be going nuts until my collection is fixed, lol.

  7. Anteater

    Chapter 3 was good. I think the last part of David taking more from Naomi than before was surprising since it came from so many “little” things.

  8. Anteater

    I have to say, chapter 2 was good. Especially since the artist is incorporating more of the text into the pictures. The image of Naomi taking a selfie with Barry in the background was great. Unlike the previous artist, this 1 incorporates everything rather than just showing Naomi and her cell phone.

  9. RedSarah

    The only thing that bothers me is when the artist doesn’t portray what is written. If someone is wearing a skirt, why show them in pants? Otherwise, I’m glad you’ve found someone you can have a good working relationship.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! We’re working on that aspect of the project.

  10. Majorchill666

    So while the artwork is well done, I just personally don’t like it for this story. So I’ll sit this one out.

  11. djirp1987

    Is there a reason for the re-draw? The previous artwork was much better than this imo.

    1. Rawls

      The partnership didn’t work out with NGT, so this was rebooted.

  12. Imnotworthy

    The not matching up is annoying but I don’t mind the style so much. The artist who does the surrogate wife is awful, like a 10 year old drawing. No idea about detail. Frustrating

  13. Rawls

    I appreciate all the comments. I’ll talk with SeventeenSam about the rest of the chapters.

  14. Bmallory1539

    please continue the artwork i love it

  15. JTass

    I agree that SeventeenSam didn’t quite nail it this time.
    To follow up on others’ comments, I think it’s the faces, especially Naomi’s glasses. They come across as kind of caricaturish.

    1. RedSarah

      I thought “Oh, they do caricatures” while reading. Which is great. Rawls is constantly evolving and trying new types of artwork for the stories. I thought it was well done considering a bad artist could have been used racial stereotypes. No one wants that.

  16. Hellj508

    It’s slightly too cartoonish. As the last artist made it more hentai style. This seems like early Mickey Mouse. If the artist added more detail to the individuals it could be good. It’s a serious story not a funny story. If that makes sense.

  17. Rawls

    I appreciate the feedback. I’m a little surprised given how people enjoyed The Jealous Girlfriend. Does anyone have constructive feedback on what SeventeenSam could do differently?

    1. DM1485

      hmm… while i find the artwork acceptable, i kinda understand what they’re saying. I don’t know that “low effort” is a completely accurate appraisal, however, something just seems slightly off. When i look at Jealous Girlfriend, and then i look at this, i can tell it’s the same artist, but there’s just something about the work here, that’s hard to put to words.. “slightly off” is really the best i can do. It’s kinda like how dogs, cats, and little kids seem to be able to sense evil.. I wish i could be more helpful. This artist is clearly talented, so let’s let it ride, and see if things don’t tighten up a bit. what do you think?

    2. Anteater

      Twice it is mentioned that Naomi is wearing a skirt and at the end it is a dress, while David is first wearing shorts (and boxers). Instead, they are both wearing pants. It is one thing to miss a ring on a finger (like what was done with the last artist) but clothes that are mentioned are not there. Naomi’s hair is mentioned being wavy (or with waves), I do not see it.

      1. Magnus58

        For the most part I like this chapter, but I agree that for future chapters I’d prefer what Naomi is wearing to match up with the description. Other than that though, I think that it’s a good start for the illustrated version of this story.

      2. DM1485

        Honestly, mistakes like the kind you listed, have been made in virtually ALL of the stories on here. I mean, it IS annoying when they story says something like “green dress”, but the character is wearing a black skirt, and a blue sweater.. more so for me, i imagine, since i am VERY kinda hung up on details, and when they’re not right, it’s like having an itch you can never get rid of, no matter how much you scratch.. I’ve gotten pretty good at not letting it bother me though, when it comes to non-critical stuff like what we see here. In the grand scheme of things, it’s minor. Would be nice if everything was 100% correct, but nobody’s gonna die from it.

    3. Slick Pillar

      I meant to comment/ reply on this earlier but I’m glad I didn’t because I couldn’t quite articulate what I wanted to address. I’ve since realized without a doubt that SeventeenSam’s illustrations in The Jealous Girlfriend worked because your writing is doing most of the work, Rawls. I think most humans have this nature where if something is %75 percent good they can forgive and overlook the bad/ undesirable. SS’s art worked in TJG because of the novelty of the cartoon style but the work is really only good because your writing is so hot. Here the novelty is over and SS is relaxing too much into what is clearly a favored art style but not what is appropriate or best. The fat lips need to go, the son is supposed to be a teenager but is depicted as a full-blown man right out of JJBA. Naomi is also described as having huge breasts (which I always prefer and love!) but here she looks like she’s a fuckin C cup. Wtf? A weird mistake to make. I’ll stop here as others have already voiced my same issues. While the last artist was far from perfect, it was a much better fit. Hope this helps. Thank you

  18. Holyx

    I am not feeling it from this artist. I hope you change before it goes to far.

  19. Majorchill666

    I don’t like the art style for this story.