The Stone Hertz Chapter 3 illustrated is live.

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The illustrated chapter is here. Training the neighbor.

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  1. OldGreyGeek

    Thanks for the response.
    Far be it from me to argue with the author about the artwork.
    But, that said, she appears too young, wrong skin tone, is not dressed (or undressed) consistently with the story, not carrying the same breasts, wrong eye color and has an ear loop in her right ear that mom doesn’t have. Hence the original question.
    She’s hot in my book. She’d make a fine image for Alyson in Enki’s Puzzle before her breast expansion if that were to ever be redone in CG.

  2. OldGreyGeek

    Who’s the girl/story for the picture?

    1. Rawls

      I’m not sure what you mean? The story is The Stone Hertz. The woman is the mom in the story.