The Stone Hertz Ch. 1 to 10

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Learn what happens when a dark stone mixes with a science experiment.

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Illustrations by Lexx228:

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4.1 out of 5 dark stones (based on 20 reviews)
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  1. Billy

    Loved it. I hope if you ever return to it, he makes those “puppies” with his mother.

  2. Drydemon

    Good story, if a bit weird 🙂 Just letting you Rawls, the link to chapter 2 is broken

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for letting me know. Chapter 2 is now fixed.

  3. Anteater

    Chapter 10 was an interesting ending. Gotta say, it just proves how fast things can get out of hand.

  4. Anteater

    It looks like chapter 9 turned out great.

  5. Cart93

    All I got to say is he wants to keep his tech under wraps but now he’s giving it to a woman he doesn’t have under his control. Also wouldn’t then having the collars to activate wherever they want create a lot of collateral “damage” so to speak. Rendering the point of making the field of influence smaller moot?

    1. Rawls

      There’s a reason he’s home in the basement instead of working on his undergrad 🙂 His parents would have been happy to foot the bill for college. This has been a very silly story to write.

  6. Anteater

    Chapter 3 started off silly with the collars and tags. It looks like Darrin does not know how to appreciate his wife. It looks as if she is on her way to happiness.

  7. Anteater

    Interesting chapter 7. It seems that Caden is being more careful. I like how he is taming them.

  8. Anteater

    Chapters 3 to 6 are getting to be VERY interesting. Especially since Ashley is going down her own path to fulfillment, girlfriend on the side and everything!

  9. 7Myxzptlk

    Chapter 5 does feel slower than what came before. Hoping subsequent chapters have more pace. But otherwise, this is pretty fun.

    1. TexasHoosier

      Loving this story. I’m fine with the slow build. But I DO hope that at some point the machine irrevocably changes the women even more…perhaps in the “mindless always in heat” direction?

  10. Sig9mm000

    Not a fan of the direction this title is taking, not a fan at all. The first three issues were good seemed well thought out n the art was good, the last two seemed lazy, directionless and no true point in my humble opinion ??‍♂️

    1. Rawls

      Appreciate the feedback. I do have a plan for the story and the last two chapters were setup. Hopefully it’ll work!

  11. Planet4

    I have to agree with ferrus.manus: I’m enjoying this 3D illustration more than I have in other arenas. Between this and “Noises” I’m solidly a Lexx228 fan. They have a deft hand at expression and body posing that conveys intent way better than other 3D artists. Plus I appreciate how the two ladies actually look like mature women.

    And it may be just me, but Ashley has a Helena Bonham Carter look about her that I’m digging.

  12. Dogboy1313

    Let’s hope both bitches are bred. For scientific purposes. Lol

  13. ferrus.manus

    I think we have turned the corner on 3dcg illustrations. Good 3d is better than middling 2d, and seems like it can be produced faster. I welcome as many 3d illustrators as you can find, Rawls.

  14. Anteater

    I love chapter 2 and the ending of the chapter is great. Especially the last picture.

  15. Simon S.

    Both the story and the art are amazing. Great first chapter!

  16. Beetman

    Great story but computer generated graphics always take away a little from it for me

    1. Anteater

      I understand how you feel and normally I would agree. But Lexx228 is better than most cg graphics I have seen and I found myself enjoying this in spite of myself.

  17. Lobria

    Well this came out of nowhere but I can’t say I was disappointed. This was one of my favorite shorts when I read it and i’m glad it got Illustrated. I do think that some of the faces are a bit weird but I still enjoyed it overall. Looking forward to more, well at least I hope there is more would love to see what’s next.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, this is the new series Lexx228 and I are working on.

  18. divemaster99

    Awesome storyline… with a dash of motherly lustful heat for the juicy climax!!