The Stone’s Plunge

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On a backpacking trip deep in the wilderness, a mother asks her eighteen-year-old son to make a choice.

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Illustrations by SatanicFruitcake:

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  1. giogetto

    Are there any previous episodes of this tale? If not, it’s a shame. It was nice to know the story of the stone and how they had found pleasure in each other. Especially the pregnancy that followed. A little bit of dreams and fears since there was a husband. Or it could be the case of follow this line in another short story.

    1. Rawls

      I wrote a bunch of dark stone shorts that are not meant to be continued. This is one of them. The illustrator is now working on The Wicked Tower.

      1. giogetto

        Thanks for your reply. Too bad, it could have been an interesting story. With even a little sentiment. But I understand that readers are asking for more.

  2. Noat

    I like this story. I like that it takes place near the end of the “journey” and the relationship between the mom and the son is strong and very sweet. I love that the mom tells the son that she will be his. The art is phenomenal. The character designs are great and the mom looks hot as hell, she looks gorgeous when she is naked in the lake. I love the illustration of the sex scene by the fire, the glow on their skin from the fire sets the environment, the sweat on their body makes it look so hot and I love the glow on the ring! The last illustration when the mom is telling her son to throw the rocks is great, the artist did a great job expressing the emotions in that scene.

  3. Anteater

    This story is amazing. I love the the sweetness to their relationship combined with the primal parts of it. I am wondering if the child is the only child they will have, oh well.