The text for Enki’s Puzzle Chapter 20 is live.

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It starts on page 168. The siblings decipher the last riddle.

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  1. dragcuda74

    This is your best series I can’t wait for next chapter. Great work I have read most of your stories and this one is best by far.

  2. hitmangrim

    i really hope it doesn’t end with this maggie chracter being the final love intrest. so far the story has been amazing. i just feel like it’s gearing up for that. sadge

    1. Rawls

      No spoilers. But … um … how should I say this? Maggie is not the focal point of the story.

      1. hitmangrim

        well then i eagerly await the next chapter

  3. bigred411

    ohhh the cliffhanger!! Excited to see the next chapter!

    1. Rawls

      Only have to wait a week. I’m looking forward to it too 🙂