The text for Enki’s Puzzle Chapter 25 is live.

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It starts on page 215. Kate and Alyson deal with the elephant in the room.

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  1. RedSarah

    Just finished chapter 25 and you have me hooked. I was so sure sex was going to happen in the sister’s apartment after the conversation. I thought he’d be penetrating Maggie by now. Instead Nick becomes a more emotionally intelligent person with each interaction. Nick was his father at the beginning of this story. Now the two are vastly different. I would love for the fiancé to get what’s coming to him but I don’t think Nick would do that. His father definitely would. One time I’d root for that character.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! Yes, Enki has changed Nick for the better. But to what ends?

  2. screwbie

    Great chapter and appears the real decadence and debauchery is about to begin. Would really like to see Maggie and Maggie’s Mom get pulled into this.

    1. Rawls

      Thanks! Anything’s possible 🙂