The text for Never Insult a Repecki Chapter 7 is live.

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It starts on page 28. Things aboard the starship get out of hand.

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  1. King Kells

    Um Rawls, where did uh, I mean respectfully what happened with this series in particular? I really liked reading it and thought it was interesting and intriguing. If you made a post about this and I missed it I do apologize but I was just wondering?

    1. Rawls

      The illustrator has been busy, so I haven’t written any new chapters in a while.

      1. King Kells

        Pheeewww I was gonna cry if it got shusted to the wayside, but that does make sense hope both you and the other author get some time some time to yourselves, I know I love reading everything you do but not at the behest of your health and personal time.