The Wicked Tower Chapter 22 is here.

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It starts on page 225. Nasty surprises await Vel and his company inside the wicked tower.

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  1. Schunn99

    Hmm, Is Vel going to claim Valeria and Mincia? I get the feeling that valeria’s belly is going to swell quickly like 6 or 7 months along since she is in Hecate’s forest. Especially if Vel cums inside her in the forest and he is the Gods’ champion. And seems like a fitting end for a usurping regent, to be subdued / conquered, maybe stripped of her magic and pregnant. Maybe Vel screwing her will cause her magic to sucked into her as a gift from Hecate? Would be a fitting punishment for Valeria and her family for trying to steal magic and angering the gods in the process. Never a good idea to anger the gods ( Greek or their Roman counterparts in this case, it never ends up well for the mortal. The geek / Roman pantheon was not known for their acts of mercy)