The Wicked Tower Chapter 24 is here.

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It starts on page 244. This is the finale for The Wicked Tower, my second longest novel to date. Vel adjusts to life as king. What new challenges will he face with the queen and princess by his side?

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  1. bttross

    On page 245, you have this line: “Nicias and Norbana were made Lord and Lady and given a small estate in Ostia Novus.”

    I assume you meant to put Merope instead of Norbana?

    1. Rawls

      Yes, thank you! It’s fixed now. This wasn’t the proofreaders fault, I changed that after they read it and my brain was on autopilot. Nicias and Merope were made Lord and Lady …

      1. bttross

        Np, I’m all too familiar with “haha, brain go brrr” moments in writing.