Writing update 10/25/21

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The poll to pick my next big novel is closed. The winner is: “A family inherits a haunted painting depicting the Palmers. The mom hangs the painting in her home office, and she is slowly corrupted by its power.” In very close second place was the wedding idea. Because the poll was so close, I will incorporate some ideas from the second idea into the painting story. There will be a destination wedding, and the family will have an 18-year-old brother with three older sisters.

I’ll plan the novel now. When Mothership concludes, I’ll start writing it.

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  1. anon313

    still hopping for you to consider the post apocalyptic story again for the future 😉

    1. Rawls

      I’ll consider it for a shorter piece written for an illustrator, for sure.

  2. Darrin Phillips

    Also, I’m sure that you already have an idea of what your going to do, so you probably don’t want my input. But when I saw the premise of the the story, the first thing I thought of was instead of the mother getting the painting and hanging it in her house, what if the pastor or one of his members gets it and hangs it in the church.? Then as everyone is preparing and planning for the wedding, it can slowly corrupt the MC, his family, the pastor’s family, and any other characters you want to introduce. It’s just a thought, take it or leave it but let me know what you think.

  3. Darrin Phillips

    Talk about the best of both worlds! So excited for the new story. One of your themes has been religious women being corrupted, are there plans to include that into this story as well? If there’s going to be a wedding, perhaps a female pastor… ?maybe the minister’s wife? Either way I’m so excited for the new story, Mothership has been my favorite so far.

    1. Rawls

      The wedding won’t be the central plot point of this story. The painting will be in Mom’s office. Mom will be corrupted first. As for the rest, we’ll see 🙂