Writing update 10/31/21

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I sent the latest chapter of The Jealous Girlfriend to the proofreaders. The chapter should have a text-only release this week. Up next is a chapter of Mothership for expected release on Friday. CeeBee42 and I expect three more chapters before Mothership’s conclusion.

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  1. Planet4

    Looking forward to The Jealous Girlfriend!

    Hell, who am I kidding, I look forward to any and all updates.

  2. waltdee

    Enki’s Puzzle soon would be appreciated.

    1. Rawls

      The main chapters are on a schedule. Two chapter of one novel in a row, than switch to two chapters of the other in a row, and then back again. This is the second week of Mothership, so next week I’ll switch back to Enki’s Puzzle.