Your favorite illustrator: January 2023 poll

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Every month, I’ll run a poll to gauge reader interest in various illustrators. This will help me allocate my resources as I make decisions about what projects to pursue. Your feedback is helpful and important!

I’m only including artists that have already completed a project with me and are possibly available for future projects.

Feel free to add comments below if you have opinions you’d like to share. The poll will stay open all month.

Vote for your FIVE favorite artists.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Your favorite illustrator January: vote for top 5
272 votes · 971 answers

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  1. greatwhiteape

    Has anyone ever mentioned Daval3d? He produces art very suited to your stories and likes long stories. I think his twitter is @daval3d

  2. PuyBo

    Surely we got more bsa fans out there!!

    Also have you heard of the artist Pandora’s box, who used to work on milftoon comics? I think they’d be a very popular addition for any old school wincest comic fans out there

    1. Rawls

      I’ll keep them in mind, thanks for the suggestion.

  3. DM1485

    I actually stopped voting a couple of months ago. It’s gotten to the point where there are so many GREAT artists on the payroll, that it would actually be easier for me to pick 5 i DON’T like. Could we maybe get a poll like that, or perhaps just open the max selection from 5 to unlimited…might give you a better picture of how much each artist is “doing it” for the readers.

    1. Rawls

      I wouldn’t want people voting for their least favorite artists. I am thinking changing the monthly poll to people’s favorite stories. I think that might be more useful, but I’m not sure. I’ll ask about it on Discord.

      1. DM1485

        Yeah, fair enough.. I can see where it might be kind of a downer to have a poll devoted to telling people they suck. So the alternative of just removing the cap on the monthly “pick your favorite” would be the best option.. Right now, at least for me, it feels unfair to just pick 5, given how many great artists are on the site now. Yes, i am aware that i’m the reason you upped it to 5 in the first place.. however, i kinda feel like the situation has evolved quite a bit from back then.

        1. Rawls

          If there is no limit on how many illustrators people can pick, then I wouldn’t be sure how to understand the data from the poll. I think picking five favorites is probably the best option right now.

          1. DM1485

            Unless my brain has turned to total garbage (this is a possibility), no cap allows for MORE data… that’s to say everyone can put in a vote for EVERYONE they like, instead of just their top five. I think this would produce a data set that is more accurate, and representative of actual audience temperature, with respect to the individual artists. Under the current rules, i believe the data set you’re getting is skewed, and good artists aren’t getting their dues. Someone cited BSA.. BSA is good, but if i vote for BSA, i can’t vote for M-Slava, who i think is a damn good artist, and already gets a criminally-low number of votes.. couple that with all the other artists i really like, and now i choose who i’m gonna throw in for, and who i hafta give the shaft (by not voting for them, even though they deserve the nod).

            Am i making sense?

            1. PuyBo

              That actually makes a lot of sense, because honestly I really like majority of the artists. Possibly even making the poll have like a 1-5 scale for each artist. That way you get an idea on how everyone who participates in the poll feels about all the artists, not just their top 5.

              1. DM1485

                I’m not sure if that level of granularity is possible in the polling software the site uses, but that IS actually a great idea.. I mean, it really depends on how much data you want, and how fine you want the data points to be.

                Maybe part of the problem (or at least my problem), is the perception that the polls will be used to determine who gets re-upped, and who doesn’t. I mean, i don’t think Rawls would staff by committee like that, but if not, then what’s the point of the polls, other than a straight up popularity contest?

                1. Rawls

                  Thanks for all the feedback on this. I’ll think about these suggestions. I am limited by what is available in the polling software.

                  1. PuyBo

                    You could use survey monkey or something like that and just post the link for paying members only. Either way loving the work xx