Poll for choosing a new short story.

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The awesome TravisPLS has agreed to work on a project with me. You can find more from him here: https://linktr.ee/travis_sun_set_city_kid

You decide what story we’ll work on. Vote for your TWO favorite ideas. The winner will become a new multi-chapter story. Poll expires in one week: 1/31/23.

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507 days 21 hours left to vote
Pick your two favorite ideas for a new story.
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  1. DrScribe

    where’s the cut off for the winners? Hoping we get to the confidence tape…although a confidence app/ai program would make it fun too

    1. Rawls

      There was only one winner, the post-apocalyptic story. I’ll post the text for that story tomorrow, along with sketches for the illustrated chapter. Redoxa and I decided to take on the second place idea because we liked it, not because of where it placed in the poll.

  2. MsOedipusSex

    Story Idea:
    “SEMINATOR 1” Leader of the Human Resistance, John Bonner, learns that the Machines, SKYLON, have thwarted his plan to save his young Mom, Sarah (in 1984) from assassination when their T-609 android kills the trusted man (and unknown to John, his father) whom he’d sent back after the droid to protect/save her…John knows now he has no choice but to go back himself to 1984 to save his Mom (and his unborn, future self) from certain extermination—the fate of humanity depends on it…?DA-DUN DUN-DA-DUNN?
    …As he has not faded out of existence, John knows his Mom has barely eluded the relentless pursuit of the exterminator droid. He uses the last time-travel portal left to the Human Resistance to go back 40 years from post-apocalyptic 2024 and emerges in the Mojave desert. A glitch in the programming of the teleportal has transformed him to a 21-years younger version of himself. Hitchhiking thru the barren desert, a solitary red Jeep finally encounters the naked, disoriented, 19 year-old looking John to give him a ride—a beautiful young woman is the driver…she’s on the run to Mexico, traumatized from her recent life-threatening experience in LA—it is 22 year-old Sarah Bonner…
    Back in 2024, Mother Brain, the evil entity at the heart of the SKYLON Network, is satisfied and content, having coldly calculated this moment. SKYLON planned and executed the attack on the teleport—the master stroke that will ensure ultimate victory for the Machines, and the the certain oblivion of the leader of Humanity’s Resistance…the Machines however, underestimate the natural forces and primal instincts that will drive a Man (and Woman) to survive…


  3. Aneurysm

    In the near future, a young science nerd stumbled across advanced nanites. Through a series of mishaps, the nanites got injected into the young man and his body slowly reacted and altered.

    Later the nanites got mixed up in his mothers hair salon supplies, both his older sisters tattoo shops ink kits and jewelry gems and metals supplies and his aunts unreleased fashion clothes line products.

    Each having very interesting side effects that end up bringing them together closer than ever through a newfound and unspeakable bond.