Poll for choosing the name of a Rawlyverse.

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I received a lot of good suggestions for Rawlyverse names. I’ve decided to go with DSU, for stories with dark stones, and Rawlytown, USA for my stories set in suburbia, or small towns (mostly with nothing supernatural). I don’t know about the third universe that connects all my fantasy stories. There will also be stories that fall outside these categories, and that’s fine.  

Pick from the suggestions a name for the fantasy universe. Vote for your TWO favorite ideas. I’ll use the winning name going forward. Poll expires in one week: 2/21/23

This poll is no longer accepting votes

281 days 6 hours left to vote
Pick two ideas for a fantasy universe name.
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  1. Divway

    The Mythical Rawlm of Mothers & Monsters is actually a good blend there. Also a clever link back to you.

  2. MsOedipusSex

    The Mythical Rawlm of Mothers & Monsters

  3. Damned17

    Next part of Something in the water dropping when?

    1. Rawls

      I don’t know. Redoxa will be working on McAllister Method next.