Suggestion post for ideas to increase voting percentage on the site.

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The percentage of those who vote on the site hovers around 10%. That means I don’t know what the majority of my readers are thinking. I’m not sure how to increase voter participation on the site, but would love to hear some ideas. In the comments section below, please leave any ideas you have for increasing voter participation. If I can, I’ll implement some of your ideas.

Also, if you don’t vote, please let me know why.

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  1. Simon S.

    As Craig23 said. But Yes! The polls are now very long so its a lot of info to process and respond to. Make it more like a tournament style maybe? I would keep the options to 10 your less over all but I know that doesn’t help on your metrics. When it comes to the artists I’ve had to go back and look at their work so maybe an image as an example… at least then the text only people would know what you were talking about and its good advertising. 😛

  2. Rawls

    Thanks for all the feedback! There are some excellent ideas here. I’ve already changed the polling software. More changes on the way.

  3. Notathing

    You could post the poll as the same time as a text announcement. That way people are already heading to the site to read and the poll could be right there. Also possible that you could do the same poll on discord as well and have input from two separate places.

  4. JTass

    Are the polls open to non-members? If so, you could post a link to the poll on some of the forums where your free works are shared (e.g., 8muses).

  5. Holyx

    Make the voting time frame longer. I have missed votes in the past when I am really busy certain days and come back to see the polls are already closed.

    1. Rawls

      Yes, voting time is going to be longer going forward.

  6. alldragon

    Hello good.
    For my part, I practice the Spanish language and it would be interesting to offer a Spanish version of your completed stories.
    Also take suggestions for the next chapters of each series for example the next ones of ENKI and JTMW.
    Where you can give your opinion, for example, in JTMW there are already women from different families: dr cole, Winthrop, Humility, Heather, Henderson, Kensington and Tabitha, possibly Pam too, Jake could start taking 3 from different families and they could also play with each other, the idea of ​​mother and daughter too, and especially having the 2 mothers Winthrop and Henderson in a threesome, sex is already very monotonous.
    At the end I ask for your opinion on the next chapters, a Spanish version of the completed stories.

  7. Craig23

    Maybe add a “final four” option for folks to re-vote on? For example, normally you ask for short story ideas and people respond. You then post the suggestions in a poll, but there are like 20 options, with a few at the top running away with it. Then you go with the top result only. If you were to add another poll with the four most popular you might get more people voting because they have a stronger opinion on the remaining options (for example, elf stories do nothing for me, so I’d vote for something else over that.)

  8. Kuanyang

    Honestly, sometimes other things (work, family, etc) end up taking priority and I don’t get back to this until after the poll has closed. I think mid-August to mid-September I didn’t have a chance to even read the email due to end of summer and beginning of school year activities.

  9. DM1485

    I vote when the poll is relevant to my interests. Perhaps the others are the same?

    Perhaps they don’t think they need to provide any input, because they’re happy with whatever you produce.

    I don’t know what else you could possibly do to increase engagement.. the site already sends out emails to alert subscribers when something’s available to look at. unless it’s going straight to the spam bin, they know what’s up. If they choose not to engage, there’s literally nothing to be done. i dunno… i don’t really have answers, but, if it helps, i’ll keep engaging.

  10. narutoharuno009

    Maybe create a story where a wimpy guy turns his life around and becomes the Chad he always wanted. He becomes so attractive and confident, he ends up fucking anyone he wants, including his female family members.

  11. Kramer_Angst

    Maybe offer a complimentary month to the highest tier of site access via a drawing, and everyone who votes in a poll within a certain time frame gets an entry to the drawing? You’ll have to decide if that is worth the increased engagement, but I can definitely see more folks voting if they stood to win something.

    1. Rawls

      This is a good idea, too. I think I will probably do this going forward.

  12. LordRhys

    I usually don’t respond to surveys like this one where I have to type something in, I hate doing reviews and surveys where I have to type things, but I agree with some of the suggestions above. I receive multiple emails from you about updates and sketch previews, lots of things above my tier but only usually one with the poll request. Have the Poll request in every email till you close it, theirs no reason not to click a few boxes or radio buttons.

  13. BAS

    I’m a text only subscriber, and usually only log on if there’s new material for me to read. I’m more likely to vote if I’m already at the site when the poll opens or if the poll is open long enough for me to vote when I next log on.

  14. Planet4

    As someone who’s had a bit of experience in mobile and email marketing, 10% ain’t too bad in the world of asking folks to click through and do a thing.

    However, I would have expected a much higher percentage for a group of engaged and invested (paying) people. So you have cause to question it.

    The timeout period is obviously an issue. Plus, I’d like the option to amend my vote once submitted. I forgot to tag a couple artists I like but couldn’t go back to amend it.

    I’d also suggest multiple notices to your fans to vote. It’s a balance between annoying people and getting engagement, so don’t overdo it. For example, start with having the voting open for five days and send three email blasts. One each on the first, third, and final days.

    Have that 5 day period encompass the days where you see most engagement with your site (e.g., if most folks visit on the weekend, include Sat/Sun in the voting period). If you can have a pop up message come up when people visit the site, have one for voting during that time as well. (Again, this could be annoying if it pops every single time a person comes to the site or the home page, so be careful).

    During the voting period change the home page banner to be a call to action for voting with a quick link.

    Does your site allow for seeing data like what stories get the most click throughs, time spent on page, downloads, etc.? That is actually your best indicator of what people are responding to, especially if voting doesn’t pick up. Plus, usage data is more pure info. A person may say they like x,y, or z when asked, but in practice they actually consume a, b, and c more regularly.

    Finally, people may be hesitant to vote due to the psychology of consuming the explicit content of your stories. I.e., someone may have shame about their turn ons and try to avoid “getting more involved” into it by voting.
    Though i don’t think that’d account for only 10% of us responding.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Planet4

      I saw that the poll IS up for 5 days. I totally thought it was a much shorter period.
      So I’ll double down on having more messaging about the poll (emails, change the front page banner, pop ups if you can, AND if you can have a sidebar window with a message and link to the poll that’s on every page that’d be super good).

      1. Rawls

        The sidebar idea is really interesting. I’ll look into that!

    2. Rawls

      Appreciate all your thoughts. This is very helpful!

  15. CptRogue

    Personally, I don’t vote on the monthly illustrator poll, because I don’t have the tier for viewing the illustrated stories, and thus don’t want to vote on something in unfamiliar with. But I vote on the other things.

  16. Trueamerican

    I 100% agree. There have been multiple times I go to vote and it’s already been closed.

  17. scrappp

    Simple. Use longer timeout periods.

    1. Rawls

      This is helpful. What time period would work better for you? Usually, it’s five days. Although, I leave the monthly illustrator poll open all month.

      1. scrappp

        Really? IIRC, Saturday-Sunday I received a notification (email) on the “favorite artist poll.” It wasn’t active for me (I *was* logged in) within 24 hours I think.

        1. Rawls

          It’s still active right now. It’s set to never expire. If this is the case, then maybe I’m having issues with my poll plugin. This might explain a lot!

          1. Planet4

            Ah, interesting. As you can see in my long post, I thought it was only 24 hours as well. Something’s up there, I guess.