The Goddess Collects Her Debt sketches

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Here are some sketches from The Goddess Collects Her Debt. The statue of a fertility goddess come to life and pays a visit to an elf family. Introducing a new illustrator with this one, the dazzling FoxBlack.

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Illustrations by FoxBlack:

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  1. plcwiz

    A pleasant surprise seeing sketches for this story out of the Zapped collection of stories. The illustrations are great and spot on with what I envisioned while reading it. It’s great to see futa here along with Erato’s Mirror. Look forward to the released version.

    1. Rawls

      Great, thank you for the feedback. This one should be fun! 🙂

  2. ChromeDragon

    Welcome to the team of Rawly Artists FoxBlack.

    Great looking Elves, and city scene ! Looks like this will be really nice to see when it is colorized and inked. Looking forward to it !