The text for Enki’s Puzzle Chapter 28 is live.

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It starts on page 243. Nick and Alyson plan and bond.

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  1. King Kells

    So ok let me start by saying this, Enki’s Puzzle is my favorite story right now; however Ever since chapter 27 it’s also become the most fearsome read Ive ever read. I can’t shake the feeling that now it’s about to go downhill and the only other time this has ever happened was, ironically reading the Palmer mansion. So Miss Rawls, I 100 percent love your content and your community because both are amazing, however respectfully … I don’t appreciate this emotional damage of a roller coaster lol. I feel like I’m going to get a heart attack or something and I’m too young to die … lmao. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for everything you do and hopefully this little post made you smile, and if it didn’t I apologize.

    1. King Kells

      Ok correction I meant to say chapter 23 I believe, not 27

      1. King Kells

        Ah it was technically the end of 22 but we could round up to 23 it’s fine.

        1. Rawls

          Haha. This comment was as much a rollercoaster as the novel. You did make me laugh. And honestly, I don’t know how Nick is going to make the impossible happen with Kate. Maybe he’ll fail? 🙂

  2. divemaster99

    link not on the main page cannot locate it?

  3. Lead_Cenobite

    I was wondering why I couldn’t find it.

    Great way to keep us wanting for it though

    1. Rawls

      Haha, not on purpose, I promise! 🙂

  4. Rawls

    The Enki Page is temporarily down. It should be fixed in a few minutes.