The text for Enki’s Puzzle Chapter 29 is live.

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It starts on page 252. It’s showtime. Time for Nick to break a leg.

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  1. jedisolo

    I am looking forwared to chapter 30.

  2. JTass

    Loved the line about “letting out a true call of the wild”.

  3. Imnotworthy

    May i ask why you’re so focussed on this story? There are quite a few stories i like but they seem to be put aside for this particular story. This one doesn’t do anything for me but fair enough, you have quite a few running at once.

    1. Rawls

      How my system works is that I write two main stories at a time. I write one main chapter a week, alternating two weeks on and two weeks off for the stories. Right now Enki’s Puzzle and The Palmer Legacy are the two main stories. All the other short chapters I write when the previous chapter is illustrated (I’m a little behind on those right now).

    2. lol2L

      Also, I believe this is a popular story. It’s for sure one of my favorites so I think a lot of us enjoy the more frequent updates.